Emirates Wants To Operate World’s Most Diverse Flight

Emirates is known for having a global route network spanning every inhabited continent. Now, Emirates will paint an Airbus A380 in a special livery and use it to perform a special diversity flight with as many nationalities represented onboard as possible.

Emirates A380
Emirates wants to fly an Airbus A380 with the most diverse set of passengers possible. Photo: Emirates

Emirates diversity flight

On November 29th, Emirates will fly a one-off Airbus A380 flight around the UAE. This Airbus A380 will be in a special EK2019, “Year of Tolerance” livery. This livery shows a number of people from different nationalities and cultures holding hands. To mark this flight, Emirates not only wants to celebrate diversity on the outside but also wants to bring together the most diverse set of passengers possible. This flight is more about the journey rather than the destination.

Emirates Diversity Flight
Emirates will paint an Airbus A380 in special ‘Year of Tolerance’ livery. Photo: Emirates

Onboard, the airline wants to bring together as many different nationalities as possible. According to an Emirates press release, the UAE is home to people of over 200 nationalities. Emirates itself is well known for having a global workforce with employees from over 160 nationalities.

Emirates onboard diversity
Emirates employees people from over 160 different nationalities. Photo: Emirates

However, because this is not any ordinary Emirates flight, the diversity flight will instead source passengers who enter for a spot onboard the flight at this link. Unfortunately for international passengers, the airline is only looking to fly citizens and residents of the UAE on this flight. Ultimately, the goal is to highlight the UAE’s diversity

The diverse Emirates network

Emirates itself flies to an impressive number of destinations. From Australia and New Zealand to North and South America, Emirates connects passengers from around the world. As such, Emirates prides itself on flying a diverse group of passengers. This includes, on average, over 50 nationalities are represented on any given flight to and from Dubai according to Emirates.

Moreover, Emirates is working on growing its long-haul network with an eye towards Mexico City. However, now the carrier is looking at more sustainable growth.

Emirates still is trying to grow across the world. Photo: Emirates

Moving forward

Emirates has Airbus A330neos, A350s, and Boeing 787 aircraft on order. Although still large, these widebodies do not offer as many seats as the A380 or Boeing 777. This means that Emirates can start expanding into smaller, more niche markets and keep expanding.

Emirates A330-900
Smaller aircraft, like the A330-900, could allow Emirates to grow its already large route network. Photo: Emirates


Dubai and the UAE are near synonymous with Emirates. Not to mention, Emirates has a stunning onboard product to complement the stunning city of Dubai. Connecting passengers throughout the world is Emirates’ job and now the airline is trying to bring a bit more of that back home in Dubai.

Are you going to try and get on Emirates’ diversity flight? What do you think of the special livery? Let us know in the comments!