Emirates Opens A Remote Check-In Terminal For Dubai Cruise Guests

Today Emirates opened its new remote check-in terminal at Port Rashid. The facility will allow cruise passengers disembarking at the port to check-in their luggage for onwards Emirates flights up to four hours before departure.

Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENT
Emirates will now offer a complimentary remote check-in service for Emirates passengers disembarking cruises at Port Rashid. Photo: Bathara Sakti via Flickr

Emirates announced earlier today that it has opened its first remote check-in terminal for cruise passengers. The new remote check-in terminal is situated at Port Rashid, a major terminal for cruise ships stopping in the Middle East. The port is a couple of kilometers from Dubai International Airport.

This makes a remote check-in process, which transports passengers’ luggage between the two terminals, a very attractive prospect for cruise passengers. While it reduces hassle for passengers when it comes to carrying and transporting baggage, it also gives them much longer to explore the local area whilst waiting for flights.

In a press release published by the airline earlier today, divisional senior vice president of Emirates Airport Services, Mohammed Mattar, said:

“Our first remote check-in facility at Port Rashid will allow cruise passengers with onward flights the freedom to explore Dubai during their short transit having dropped their luggage and completed check-in formalities.”

How does the remote check-in terminal work?

Cruise passengers disembarking at Port Rashid’s cruise terminals will be able to drop their baggage at eight check-in counters within the port itself. These counters will be manned by Emirates staff who will be able to check-in customers and their baggage up to four hours before flights, just as they would at the main airport terminal.

Airbus A380 on final approach to Runway 27R at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Emirates is renowned for its stellar customer experience. Photo: Quentin Douchet via Wikimedia Commons

The check-in process is complimentary for Emirates passengers making the journey between the cruise terminal and the airport. The service will be available during the local sailing season, which runs from October to April. During this year’s sailing season, Port Rashid will welcome 198 cruise ships and some 280,000 passengers.

As such, the new remote check-in service will make the journeys of many thousands of Emirates passengers much easier this season.

How does the remote check-in terminal fit into the UAE’s wider plans?

Besides offering Emirates passengers a better service, the new remote check-in terminal should play an important role in the UAE’s wider development.

“With the increasing popularity of Dubai as a cruise tourism destination, we have ensured that every touch point in our customer journey for this important traveller segment is thoughtfully served,” said Mohammed Mattar.

Dubai - Burj Al Arab - Helicopter View
Dubai is a busy cruise destination. Photo: Sam Valadi via Flickr

The tourism and passenger aviation industries in the Middle East are becoming ever more competitive, meaning that even small touches can help differentiate airlines from their rivals.

Anything which makes the experience of cruise passengers easier is likely to be a win for the local economy, the cruise companies and the airlines. In this case, it helps make Emirates a much more attractive prospect for cruise passengers disembarking at Port Rashid.

Emirates also offers a home check-in service, meaning that, for a fee, passengers can check in their luggage from anywhere within the UAE.

On the flip side, the airline also offers a home delivery service that checks luggage through customs and delivers it to passengers at their accommodation.