Emirates Gets Their Final Boeing 777-300ER Delivered

Emirates has taken delivery of their final Boeing 777-300ER, the last plane in a seriously long order of 146 planes from Boeing.

The plane left Paine Field (Boeing’s site of finished 777s) and flew 14 and a half hours to be delivered in Dubai. Its flight number was the very well remembered EK7777

The final Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

Emirates is a very unique airline that they exclusively use Boeing 777-300s and Airbus A380s. This has allowed them to create an almost long haul monopoly and seize the trend of Europe / America / Asia world travel through their centralized hub of Dubai.

Emirates had an order for 145 777-300ER planes. It took so long to deliver all of these planes, that Emirates now only has 139 Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet, the extra 6 having already been retired.

Whilst this is the end of one large order, it is nowhere near the final plane that Emirates expects from their suppliers over the next few years.

Emirates already has 150 orders with Boeing for next generation 777 planes, essentially to replace their entire fleet of 777-300ERs at least once (Including the new plane that was just delivered, talk about future planning!).

The total order for Emirates with Boeing is:

  • 145 777-300ERs
  • 115 777-9 – Delivery 2020
  • 35 777-8 – Delivery 2022

Emirates also has an order with Airbus for 162 A380s with just over 100 delivered, but just like the 777 many of the A380’s will be retired before the final one is delivered.

There is one slight downside to this good news.

The last Emirates first class delivery for two to three years.

Emirates First Class

Emirates first debuted the new first class in their 777-300ER last year, and so far only nine (including this recently delivered plane) have a new concept.

emirates new first class suite
The new suites offer 40 square feet of personal space. Photo: Emirates

Unfortunately, it seems like that they have no plans to retrofit the class into their previous, already built aircraft, and it is not planned for the remaining A380 orders until 2021.

It’s a shame because the Emirates first class is actually really good and highly rated by most travel bloggers. But it only makes up nine planes of their entire fleet and we won’t see another plane with it until the first 777-9’s are delivered in 2020.

emirates new first class suite
The middle suites are fitted with artificial windows to simulate a window seat. Photo: Emirates

If you want to check out the first class, our friend at One Mile At A Time has put together this great list:

  • EK33/34 between Dubai and London Stansted
  • EK43/44 between Dubai and Frankfurt
  • EK89/90 and EK83/84 between Dubai and Geneva
  • EK183/184 and EK181/182 between Dubai and Brussels
  • EK125/126 between Dubai and Vienna
  • EK59/60 between Dubai and Hamburg (2x weekly)
  • EK312/313 between Dubai and Tokyo Haneda (5x weekly)

What do you think? Are you excited to try out the new first class on the Emirates 777-300ER?