You Can Feel Like A VIP With Emirates’ New Guided Airport Service

UAE flag carrier Emirates has launched a new service that will allow visitors and residents to move more seamlessly through Dubai International Airport. Through its recently introduced Airport Ease and Airport Ease + packages, travelers can now be treated to a VIP and hassle-free experience upon both arrival and departure.

Emirates, IATA Travel Pass, Health Passport
Emirates wants to welcome travelers back to Dubai with a streamlined airport experience with its Airport Ease product. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

While the past year has been much about survival and recalibrating for the upcoming post-crisis period, it has also given airlines a chance for innovation. In a race for shares of a smaller passenger pool and consumer confidence, details in product offerings could have a big part to play.

Airport Ease

On Tuesday, Emirates announced it had launched its Airport Ease and Airport Ease + packages. These are meant to help Emirates Holidays customers as well as returning Dubai residents fast-track formalities upon arrival – and during departure.

The smaller of the packages is Airport Ease which starts from AED 499 ($136). This is valid for two people and up to four bags. It includes a dedicated Meet & Greet before immigration as well as a fast-track and personalized escort through the arrivals hall.

Furthermore, it includes Emirates’ signature Chauffeur Drive service in a BMW 5 Series for transportation to a hotel or home. The airline says that it will also ‘do the legwork’ on baggage handling and collection.

You Can Feel Like A VIP With Emirates’ New Guided Airport Service
Airport Ease + will see travelers escorted through immigration and security by an Emirates representative. Photo: Emirates

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Airport Ease +

Meanwhile, the slightly more premium Airport Ease + package is available from AED 1,199 ($326). Also valid for two people and up to four bags, the passengers are then met already at the arrival gate. They then receive a one-to-one escort and a dedicated fast-track through immigration and security. The BMW 5 Series Chauffeur service is available both to and from the airport, as is baggage collection and delivery to an address in Dubai.

Airport Ease + also includes departure services. Emirates Holidays customers can then check-in from a home or hotel anywhere in Dubai, complete all formalities, and have their luggage transferred to the airport. This means that they may head directly to immigration and bypass any check-in-related queues. It also includes the use of the Marhaba lounge at Dubai International.

Emirates, IATA Travel Pass, Health Passport
With the new premium Airport Ease + package, customers will be able to skip the check-in queues at the airport. Photo: Emirates

The Marhaba lounge is located in Concourse B and can be accessed by anyone for a small fee. Entry includes complimentary food and beverages as well as reliable WiFi. Meanwhile, the airline announced just yesterday that it would also be reopening its nearby first-class lounge after keeping it closed for over a year due to the pandemic.

What do you think of Emirates’ new service? Is it a product you would be interested in purchasing to streamline your holiday and airport experience when visiting Dubai? Should other airlines offer something similar? Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel.