Emirates Has Flown 160,000kgs Of Aid To Lebanon Since August

Emirates Airline Foundation has received more than 12,000 donations from over 140 countries from Emirates’ customers. The airline’s foundation has transferred the donations into humanitarian aid and medical supplies for Lebanon. Since the Beirut blast in August, Emirates has carried 160,000 kilograms of cargo to Beirut and will continue to assist over the coming months.

Emirates foundations humanitarian aid flight beirut lebanon
Emirates Airline Foundation has flown over 160,000 kgs of aid to Lebanon in the wake of the Beirut explosion. Photo: Emirates

Donations from around the world

Since the two blasts caused massive destruction in Lebanon’s Beirut, airlines worldwide have been flying humanitarian flights to provide aid and essential supplies. Emirates announced this week that it’s airline foundation has received massive support from across the world, allowing the airline to fly 160,000kgs of aid to the city.

Emirates has been receiving cash donations as well as air miles from its Skyward members. So far, around 120 million miles have been donated, along with cash donations from 140 countries. Of the 140 countries, Emirates passengers from the UK, India, Australia, Germany, the US, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, and South Africa were particularly generous.

In a statement on its website, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates, commented,

People from all corners of the globe have been sending their support to Lebanon, and we are proud to facilitate a means for them to tangibly and proactively assist the Lebanese people with relief and recovery efforts on the ground during this difficult time.”

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Emirates, Aid Flights, Beirut
Emirates received over 12,000 donations from around the world, including 120 million air miles from Skyward members. Photo: Emirates

The Emirates Airline Foundation has been using the donations to sponsor flights to Beirut, providing aid to internationally-recognized NGOs working in Lebanon. Alongside the foundation, Emirates SkyCargo if working at 20% lower rates for freight transportation charges to help the aid effort.

The cargo itself is a variety of consignments, including food, medical supplies, Protective equipment, clothing, veterinary supplies, and hygiene products. More flights are scheduled for the coming weeks, and the foundation is taking donations until October 12th.

Other aid

Emirates isn’t alone in taking donations to help Beirut. Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the UAE, has also been working to support victims of the blast. Etihad teamed up with Emirates Red Crescent to provide food, shelter, and medical tents in the wake of the explosion. The airline is also encouraging its passengers to donate miles via its loyalty program, Etihad Guest.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
Etihad Airways, Air France, and the EU also flew aid flights to Beirut in the weeks following the disaster. Photo: Etihad

Outside of the Middle East, other airlines have also responded with aid and humanitarian flights. Within a week, Air France flew 3,000 kilograms of cargo to Lebanon. Additionally, the EU funded several flights carrying 54,000 kilograms of protective equipment, food, medical supplies, and communication equipment to Lebanon.

Emirates in Lebanon

Emirates has operated commercial flights to Lebanon for almost 30 years. The airline’s first flight to Beirut operated in 1991. Currently, it still operates two flights to Beirut every day alongside its cargo activities. Flights only briefly stopped earlier this year due to the global downturn but resumed in July when Beirut reopened to international visitors. Emirates is mainly using its Boeing 777-300s on flights to Lebanon.

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