Emirates Ups Baggage Allowance On Select Lebanon Itineraries

Dubai-based giant Emirates is upping its baggage limits on Itineraries to Beirut in Lebanon for a limited period. The airline has added this as a gesture of goodwill while the country suffers from a shortage of essential goods. The change means that those traveling to the country will be able to bring more crucial goods with them for their families.

Emirates, Beirut, Luggage Allowance
Emirates is offering an additional baggage allowance on select itineraries to Beirut. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

As an airline, Emirates is no stranger to helping out in times of need. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the airline get involved in many actions. Even specifically in Beirut, the airline offered free cargo space in the wake of the city’s colossal explosion last year.

Increased baggage capacity

As a gesture of goodwill, Emirates will be upping the baggage allowance of passengers on select itineraries ending in Beirut from this week until the end of September. However, the airline isn’t creating a unilateral increase for all.

Passengers traveling to Beirut from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Australia will be eligible for a 10kg increase if booked in economy or business class. Meanwhile, those traveling from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Angola, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa, Ivory Coast, and Ghana will be able to take an additional bag weighing up to 23 kg with them. The rules vary slightly depending on destination, with the full details in Emirates’ statement on the subject.

Emirates, Beirut, Luggage Allowance
The offer varies slightly depending on the route being flown. Photo: Emirates

Emirates revealed that the intention of the offer is so that passengers can bring additional essential goods and medicines for family and friends in the country. Of course, when traveling with medications, passengers should always check that they are allowed at each point along the journey.

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Not the first time Emirates has helped Lebanon

Emirates has been serving Lebanon through Beirut since 1991. While the pandemic did see capacities and routes slashed across the Emirates network, the airline is presently operating 16 flights a week to the city using its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Last year the city of Lebanon was rocked by a massive explosion at the city’s port, causing devastation across the city.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Premium Economy
Emirates was quick to respond when catastrophe hit Beirut. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

To make sure that aid would be able to reach the city, Emirates offered cargo capacity on its aircraft to aid organizations for free in the immediate aftermath, creating a Boeing 777 air bridge to get over 160 tonnes of medical supplies, food, PPE, and other essential humanitarian items were delivered on several missions during that period.

In addition to offering up some of its capacity for free, the airline also allowed people worldwide to donate cash and Skywards Miles to fund even more free space. You can read more about that response here.

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