Amazing: Emirates Celebrates A Passenger’s 100th Birthday Inflight

Flying can be an incredibly special event for both passengers and crew. However, one such Emirates flight turned out to be an extra special event for one particular passenger. A passenger celebrated her 100th birthday onboard an Emirates flight. And, Emirates made the event incredibly special.

Emirates Birthday
Emirates celebrated a passenger’s 100th birthday onboard a flight. Photo: Emirates

Emirates celebrates a passenger’s 100th birthday

There are a number of stories across the internet of airline crew who have stepped in to help make a passenger’s birthday a fun onboard-event. Consequently, this can turn an ordinary flight into a lifetime memory for a number of passengers. On one such flight, an Emirates passenger received the celebration of a lifetime.

A passenger named Elisabeth was onboard Emirates flight EK51. The Airbus A380 route is a regularly scheduled flight between Dubai and Munich. On this particular flight, as it was Elisabeth’s birthday, the crew decided to make it a little more special.

Airbus A380
Emirates celebrated a passenger’s birthday onboard an A380. Photo: Emirates

The crew came together and sang for Elisabeth. In fact, even some passengers joined in and wished her a pleasant birthday. The crew led her back to the Airbus A380’s onboard lounge. There, Elisabeth received warm greetings from the rest of the crew, and she even received a special treat. You can check out the video of the special occasion here:

The crew went to great lengths to ensure that Elisabeth enjoyed her time onboard the aircraft. The crew even put up a sign in the bar that celebrated her 100th birthday. Elisabeth appears to be having a blast with this special treat! After all, celebrating your birthday inflight at the onboard lounge can be quite the treat and not something everyone might have the opportunity to do.

A380 onboard lounge
Celebrating one’s birthday in the onboard lounge sounds like a fantastic time. Photo: Emirates

Emirates is celebrating love

Elisabeth’s birthday was celebrated as Emirates focused on the theme of love in February. And, for Emirates, there was no better way to celebrate than to provide special treats. The airline rolled out these treats for a few days at lounges across the world. These treats included ginger panna cotta served with berries and pistachios, heart-shaped shortcake with strawberries and whipped cream a chocolate St Valentine’s cake in Tokyo-Narita, and chocolate-covered strawberries sprinkled with coconut in the lounges in the USA among others.

Emirates treats
Emirates rolled out some special treats in lounges across the world. Photo: Emirates

Onboard, Emirates offered some additional dessert options for passengers on long-haul flights. First and Business class passengers had the option of enjoying a heart-shaped passion fruit cake for dessert. Economy passengers received a white chocolate passion fruit cheesecake. In addition, at the A380 lounge, Emirates offered strawberries dipped in chocolate.


For Elisabeth, this was one very special birthday with the crew coming together to celebrate her 100th birthday onboard an Emirates Airbus A380. From everyone at Simple Flying, we also wish Elisabeth a wonderful belated birthday! Moreover, we hope that she continues to fly and explore this amazing world.

Have you ever celebrated your birthday on an airplane? Are you glad to see Emirates celebrate Elisabeth’s birthday inflight? Let us know in the comments!