Emirates Plans Two Daily A380 Flights To Dusseldorf

Emirates has returned the A380 to Düsseldorf. The double-decker quadjet last served the German airport in March 2020, with the B777-300ER operating instead until October 2021. Significantly, the route will again be twice daily from December 1st – with all flights by the A380, identical to what it had in the same week in 2019.

Emirates A380 Dusseldorf
Emirates began using the A380 to the German airport in July 2015. Photo: Düsseldorf Airport.

What’s happening?

October 23rd marked the return of the A380 at Düsseldorf. Initially operating six-weekly, the first round trip used A6-EUC, a 519-seat machine delivered in September 2016, according to ch-aviation.com. The second service used A6-EVB, a 615-seat, two-class, high-density configuration.

The 3,113-mile (5,010km) route to Düsseldorf will quickly rise to ten weekly from the start of the airline winter season at the end of October. And from December 1st, barely a month away, it will again be twice per day, the same frequency it had in 2019. In the festive month, the schedule will be as follows (all times are local).

  • EK55, Dubai to Düsseldorf; 08:30-12:40
  • EK56, Düsseldorf to Dubai; 14:30-00:05+1 (the next day)
  • EK57, Dubai to Düsseldorf; 14:40-18:55
  • EK58, Düsseldorf to Dubai, 20:45-06:15+1 (the next day)

The A380 was first used to Düsseldorf in 2015

Emirates has served Düsseldorf for many years. Between 2004 and 2021, the peak year was 2018, according to Cirium, with just shy of 700,000 round-trip seats and over 1,900 each day. Düsseldorf is the main airport serving North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most important state economically. And with around 18 million people, it has more people than most areas of Europe.

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The Middle East carrier has deployed multiple types/variants to Düsseldorf since 2004, as shown below. The A380 was first used in July 2015. Although it often coexisted alongside the B777-300ER, the double-decker has solely operated in many months. In 2019, the A380 had 82% of seats to Dubai: over 541,000 against 119,000 for the B777-300ER.

  • A330-200 until 2011
  • A340-300 in 2005 and again 2011-2012
  • B777-300ER: 2005-2021
  • B777-200ER: mainly in 2006, but less often between 2005 and 2013
  • B777-200LR: mainly in 2012, but infrequently at other times too
Emirates at Düsseldorf
Between 2004 and 2019, the route grew by a decent compound average growth rate of 8%. Source of data: Cirium.

Thailand was the #1 destination in 2019

In 2019, approximately 315,000 passengers transited Dubai to/from Düsseldorf, booking data suggests. Thailand was the largest country market, followed by India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China, Indonesia, Oman, South Africa, and Seychelles. More passengers transited to South Asia than any other area.

Emirates top 10 ODs from Dusseldorf in 2019
These were Emirates’ top-10 origins and destinations in 2019. Image: GCMap.

Düsseldorf to Bangkok had more passengers at airport pair level than any other. Emirates was the transit leader to the Thai capital, followed by Etihad Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and Aeroflot. Earlier this year, we found that 64% of Emirates’ total passengers connected over Dubai and that Western Europe to Southeast Asia was the second-largest market.

Düsseldorf to Bangkok was followed by Düsseldorf to Colombo, Male, Mauritius, Seychelles, Shanghai Pudong, Tehran Imam Khomeini, Salalah (connecting to flydubai), Phuket, and Denpasar. The significance of key long-haul leisure markets is clear.

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