Emirates New Premium Economy – Is This The Seat?


In September, Simple Flying reported that Emirates was looking to implement a premium economy cabin. Now, an aviation seat manufacturer has launched a seat which could potentially fit the bill for Emirates. In fact, the new seat was announced on Tuesday at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo.

The Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo is an annual exhibition where the world’s aircraft interior designers meet to show off their work. While some crazy designs have been seen, such as the latest standup chair, there has also been a number of significant announcements.

Emirates Premium Economy
Emirates is looking to introduce a new premium economy cabin. Photo: Emirates

Emirates Premium Economy

Currently, Emirates only offers three cabins. Economy, Business and First. The Dubai based carrier is currently in the process of introducing a premium economy. While we know that Emirates doesn’t want premium to be too nice, the company has remained tight-lipped. Tim Clark, Emirates President, previously said: “we know exactly what we are going to do, where we are going to place these seats… which zones and how we are going to design the product.”


Sir Clark went on to say that the cabin will be an Emirates cabin, so will be special. However, while the airline will look to pull passengers up from economy, it doesn’t want to pull business passengers down.

Emirates Premium Economy
Emirates’ new premium economy will be better than economy, however, Emirates does not want to draw business customers. Photo: Emirates

HAECO Eclipse seat

HAECO cabin solutions announced its new Eclipse seat. The seat is being marketed as a “short-haul business class and long-haul premium economy” product. With a large amount of storage, the seat also offers a large degree of privacy thanks to its design.

Doug Rasmussen, President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions, said: “We saw an opportunity to develop a premium product for an emerging new class between premium economy and business class seating that would be appreciated both by passengers and airlines.” While going on to add: “The unique advantages of the Eclipse seat, together with the integrated cabin, can create up to a 14% increase in PAX within the same cabin space.

Emirates Premium Economy
The new HAECO Eclipse seat. Could this be Emirates’ new premium economy? Photo: HAECO

Is Emirates the launch customer?

The launch customer for the seat has been described as “an as yet unnamed Middle East-based airline”. As such, there is probable cause to believe it could be Emirates. The airline is known to be implementing premium economy in the future, and this seat fits that mission. In fact, the seat represents a good middle ground between the carrier’s economy and business cabins. While deliveries of the new Eclipse seat will begin in Q1 of 2020, the seat is just under a year away from its public debut.

Do you think this will be the new Emirates premium economy seat? Let us know in the comments down below!


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Kwok Albert

Emirates services, particularly on the ground, have declined so much, that another seat doesn’t make much difference

Howard Williams

The new premium seat is perfect for long or short flights. I like to be comfortable and relax while travel. Yes, go for it Emirates.


We are not cattle .. we all want to eat and sleep for a good while… we don’t want to land jaded and lagged

James Jenkinson

I flew premium economy with Singapore Airlines and getting out off the window seat proved quite difficult as the armrests are immovable, I hope Emirates improve on this as the aisle passenger has to virtually stand up so you can exit your seat, it is very inconvenient

Julia Smith

Emirates PLEASE add Premium Economy to your seating service selection, that little difference makes such a big difference when travelling on a long haul flight and just adds to perfect air travel for people who can not afford Business class. Hoping we will have something to look forward to in the future of travelling on Emirates 😉