Emirates Officially Retires It’s Non-ER Boeing 777-300s

Emirates has officially retired its last non-extended range (ER) Boeing 777-300. This aircraft type has been a workhorse of the Emirates fleet for many years and it is the end of an era for the airline.

Emirates Boeing 777-300. Photo: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt via Wikimedia

What are the details?

On September the 6th, Emirates sent off it’s last Boeing 777-300 as published on their Twitter feed. This aircraft was the last of the non-extended range versions of the 777-300, of which Emirates still operates 134 aircraft (Emirates is actually the largest operator in the world of the 777-300ER type).

The Boeing 777-300 found plenty of use for the Middle Eastern airline, carrying 368 passengers; 30 in first class, 84 in business class and 254 in economy. It flew all over the world with its 6,030 nautical miles (11,165 km) range.

They were originally ordered back in 1992 to the tune of over $1bn, backed by the Dubai Royal Family. Emirates would operate 12 of these aircraft over the lifespan of the type, ordering the first way back in 1999 and retiring the bulk of its fleet in 2018.

They were succeeded by the Boeing 777-300ER, which actually carried slightly fewer passengers at 365 onboard, but flew an extra 1,300 nautical miles (7,370 nmi / 13,649 km). Emirates grew to love this model, and went on to order over 100 aircraft.

With the removal of this type of aircraft from the Emirates fleet, the airline has dramatically reduced its lineup to just three types of aircraft. The Airbus A380 (which is being phased out and no longer built), the Boeing 777-300ER and 777-200LR (which just got all new Emirates business class cabins).

The 777-300 now enters the history books of other aircraft that have served the airline, such as one 737-300, 18 Airbus A340-500, 29 Airbus A330-200s.

What future orders has the airline made?

Emirates has actually been quite prolific with its ordering over the last few months. It began when Airbus canceled the A380 and Emirates was encouraged to order other aircraft.

An Emirates Airbus A380. Photo: Emirates

From the Airbus family, they ordered 40 Airbus A330-900neos, as well as 30 of the popular Airbus A350-900. Additionally, Emirates will be one of the first airlines to operate Boeing’s 777X series, with 35 of the smaller longer-range 777-8 and a colossal 115 Boeing 777-9s. These latter aircraft are actually the replacements of the Boeing 777-300ER’s (the last 777-300ER was delivered in December), which in turn were the replacements of the 777-300.

There is also a rumor that the airline is still considering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and may yet still make an order in the future. Overall, this fleet mixup has been a long time coming and just part of the usual refreshment we see in Middle Eastern airlines.

What do you think? Are you sad to see the old 777-300s go? Let us know in the comments!


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Good read! I wonder if there is any chance Emirates really enjoys this time of fleet diversity minimization and adjusts their order for the future? They operate only the A380, 77L, 77W currently….just three types! With the A380 going away over the next 10 years, they’ll need the size of the 777-9, and can use that to also cover the old 777’s also. As far as capacity goes, couldn’t they just use the A330-900neo and the 777-9 for all their needs? I wonder where the A350 order fits here? Or even the Dreamliner talk. Seems redundant. Seems to me they… Read more »


They need the range of the A350. Both the A330neo and potential 787-10 are aimed at regional ops and secondary destinations. The A350 will give them a true long haul plane that can carry fewer people. Just bare in mind that none of these “new” orders have been finalised. The initial 787 letter of intent was let to lapse, and Tim Clarke has said that any 787 order will have to fit in the order for the 777x, so no 150 777x. They are also not happy with Rolls Royce, which powers the A330neo and A350. More in line with… Read more »


What did Emirates do with there single 737?


I don’t think that B737 was owned by Emirates. It was leased.


It’s “its”…


I think you need to check the seating configuration comments.
EK have never had an aircraft with 30 First class seats, it goes against their whole ethos of the exclusivity of First Class.
According to the EK Source the seating plan for the 777-300 is
12 F Sky Cruiser seats, 42 Business Class Lie Flat Seats, and 310 Economy seats = 364 seats in total.

Even the 380 only has 14 F suits and the 777-300ER has 12 First Suites.


I definitely am sad to see it go. It was a unique bird and more beautiful than the 300ER variant. Flat wingtips and rare engines.

It would have served as a great regional variant if Boeing marketed it. I wish Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had purchased these for their regional and domestic flights.

They would have been a true beauty.