Some Twitter Users Unhappy With Emirates After Jimmy Fallon Flight Offer

Earlier today, Emirates offered to fly US talk show host Jimmy Fallon to Australia in a social media stunt. However, the stunt appeared to backfire, attracting mostly negative feedback from other Twitter users.

Emirates, Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show
Emirates offered Jimmy Fallon flights to Sydney. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

In the current day and age, almost every airline has a significant presence on Twitter. A vast majority of replies can be fairly typical replies to customer complaints. However, every now and again a gem of a tweet pops up.

The backstory

The whole story here begins with Jimmy Fallon tweeting to say that he appears on @TODAYShow, not @TheTodayShow. He went on to add that he wouldn’t mind appearing on Australia’s Today Show, however.

This led to The Today Show in Australia inviting the talk show host to pop by:

The invitation was gratefully appreciated by Jimmy Fallon, who asked his followers how to make this happen.

Emirates joins in

This could’ve been the end of the story, however, Emirates decided to pitch in. The Dubai based airline replied to Mr Fallon, offering to fly him down to Sydney in a first-class suite onboard its Airbus A380 aircraft. This would’ve seen Mr Fallon afforded the ultimate in luxury travel. The would include “luxurious First Class Private Suites, Shower Spa, Onboard Lounge and award-winning service”

While it seems like an incredibly kind offer from the Dubai based airline, apparently not everybody was happy with the offer. While some Twitter users asked Emirates for a free upgrade themselves, others questioned why Mr Fallon deserved the special treatment.

Examples included @Moeys and @khaleifa_Ahmed1 who pointed out their loyalty to the carrier:

Meanwhile, @ThatChihutaGuy asked Emirates to extend the offer to him:

Have you flown with Emirates in First Class? Would you suggest Mr Fallon takes up the offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!