Ethiopian Airlines Takes Its 32nd Dash 8-400 Turboprop

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada announced yesterday that it had delivered its 32nd Dash 8-400 aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines. The manufacturer said that it wishes Ethiopian Airlines and its strategic partners ongoing success as they continue to increase connectivity across Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines now has 32 Dash 8-400s in its fleet. Photo: De Havilland Aircraft of Canada

Ethiopian Airlines plays a leading role in helping other African Dash 8-400 operators by providing flight simulators and is the only De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Authorized Service Facility in Africa. Ethiopian Airlines’ strategic partners include ASKY Airlines, Malawi Airlines, Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines, and Tchadia Airlines.

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Ethiopian Airlines received its first Dash 8-400 in 2010

According to De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, there are over 190 Dash 8 series aircraft in Africa and the Middle East of which more than 90 of them are Dash 8-400 planes. Since Ethiopian Airlines first introduced the Dash 8-400 aircraft into its fleet in 2010, it has used its Dash 8-400s to transport more than 12 million passengers.

Ethiopian Airlines received its 30th and 31st Dash 8-400 aircraft registration numbers ET-AXY and ET-AXZ from the Canadian planemaker earlier this year. Ethiopian Airlines group chief executive officer Tewolde GebreMariam said:

“This milestone 30th delivery highlights our confidence in the Dash 8-400 aircraft and is a testament to the joint success in supporting our network and strategic partnerships with several carriers across Africa.

“The Dash 8-400 aircraft continues to provide the operational flexibility, exceptional performance capability, capacity, and passenger comfort we need.

“Most importantly, the Dash 8-400 aircraft supports the cost leadership strategy we rely on in our market – particularly in these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Dash 8-400 can carry 90 passengers. Photo: De Havilland Aircraft of Canada

When congratulating Ethiopian Airlines on its phenomenal growth as a significant regional and global airline Regional Vice President, Sales – Europe and Russia, Middle East, Africa, and South America/Caribbean Sameer Adam said:

“Ethiopian has taken tremendous positive steps to strengthen their capabilities by acquiring the first Dash 8-400 simulator for Africa and by recently adding a second simulator; achieving recognition as an Authorized Service Facility; proving the value of a business class configuration on regional aircraft in Africa. We certainly look forward to more examples of Ethiopian’s continuing leadership and the success of their ongoing strategic partnerships.”

About the De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Dash 8-400

Calling it the world’s most advanced turboprop De Havilland Aircraft of Canada says that the Dash 8-400 offers its operators unmatched versatility and value. The Dash 8-400 offers the best of both worlds for its operators as it can minimize fuel burn by flying slower or maximize productivity by flying faster. The Dash 8-400 offers the same per trip cost as other 76 seat turboprops but can fit another 14 seats for a total of 90. Compared to jet-powered aircraft, flying the Dash 8-400 can cut the costs in half.

The Dash 8-400 has STOL performance. Photo: De Havilland Aircraft of Canada

The Dash 8-400 has one of the most extended maintenance intervals of any aircraft allowing it to spend more time in the air than in repair. De Havilland Aircraft of Canada says that the Dash 8-400 provides an extra 270 days of flying before needing a C-Check.

Dash 8-400 specifications

Calling the aircraft the “network builder,” the Dash 8-400 can land and take off from small regional airports. Able to carry 90 passengers, the quick turnaround times also make it appealing to regional carriers. The Dash 8-400 has the following specifications:

  • Maximum Passengers = 90
  • Range = 2,040 km
  • Maximum Cruise Speed = 667 km/h
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight = 27,987 kg /29,574 kg

Have you ever flown on an Ethiopian Airlines Dash 8-400? If so, please tell us what it was like in the comments.