Etihad’s Airbus A380 vs Boeing 777 – What Plane Is More Comfortable?

When it comes to aircraft, Etihad likes to pull out all the stops in pursuit of the ultimate customer experience. Although it might be distinguished against other airlines, how does its own aircraft compare to each other? Ever wondered which widebody aircraft is more comfortable with Etihad? Let’s take a look at the Airbus A380-800 and Boeing 777-300ER.

Which aircraft is better?
Which aircraft is better: the A380 or 777? Photo: Etihad

How will we compare the aircraft?

Both the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 help to build what Etihad calls one of the most advanced fleets in the world. These aircraft certainly have a lot going for them, and yet they’re so distinctly different. What Etihad’s Boeing 777 boasts in range, the Airbus A380 makes up for in capacity. When it comes to the number of aircraft though, Etihad sways towards the 777 with 19 aircraft in its fleet. That’s in comparison to ten A380 aircraft.

For our comparison, we’ll be looking at the interior of all three classes on each aircraft model, comparing space dimensions as well as additional fittings included for passenger comfort.


Let’s begin by taking a look at first class offerings from Etihad on its 777 and A380.


First class

Etihad offers the same seat pitch on both its Airbus and Boeing variants. The seat pitch in first class is 80 inches with a width of 29.5 inches. However, there is a difference when it comes to the seating arrangement for these aircraft. Whilst the Boeing 777-300ER has eight closed suites arranged over two rows, the Airbus A380 has nine. And that’s likely because of the A380 build.

The A380 benefits from a lower and an upper deck, unlike the 777-300ER, meaning that it has more available space for luxuries. And luxuries it does have. The aircraft boasts a three suite apartment called The Residence, complete with a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and living room suitable for two people.

The Residence, Etihad
The Residence offers a three-room apartment in the sky. Photo: Travelarz via Wikimedia Commons

But that’s for those who can afford the creme de la creme. There are still benefits to first class non-Residency seats on the A380 that trump the Boeing 777, including access to a shower and a chilled mini-bar.

Winner: A380 – better amenities and a shower as well as the opportunity to fly luxury in The Residence.

Business class

Again, in Etihad’s business class, the offering in terms of seat dimensions is the same across the A380 model and the 777 model. The seat pitch is 73 inches with a width of 20 inches. However, the design of the aircraft really comes into play with the business class product.

The A380 has more space; it’s that simple. This means that it can offer 70 flatbed seats in comparison to the 40 offered by the 777. Despite that, both aircraft offer a privacy shell with a six-foot one-inch long bed, noise-canceling headphones, and built-in massage technology.

Winner: 777-300ER – whilst the offering within business class is the same, the reduced amount of seats might make your journey quieter on the 777. 

Etihad, 777-300ER
The 777-300ER might be better for peace and quiet. Photo: BriYYZ via Wikimedia Commons

Economy class

Once again, pitches are the same in economy class for both A380 and 777. Seat pitch is 31 inches with 17.5 inches in width. The A380 offers 415 seats whilst the 777 offers 282. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference between the seating in this class but there is a difference in the provision of services.

The A380, thanks again to its size, is able to offer a prayer room at the back of the economy seats for passengers on the lower deck. There are also more toilets on the A380.

Winner: A380 – though you’ll find more people in economy on the A380, there are better amenities meaning less time queuing for the toilet and better respect for the Islamic faith.

The bottom line

The sheer size of the A380 affords it the ability to offer a lot more across all three classes. However, there aren’t always benefits to share your journey with so many other passengers and the potential for more peace helps the Boeing 777 in some regard.

Overall, the A380 comes out on top for its amenities and accommodation of passengers.

Which aircraft do you think is more comfortable? Let us know in the comments below! 


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Have flown in both aircrafts in Business Class several times and will choose repeating the A380 if and when there was a choice. The A380 is a the Best comfort you can get from any flying aircraft today, except for the A350’s I have not been able to find a suitable connection, which for sure I will do as the Worldwide fleets keep full-filling their orders into operational status.


The Airbus is comfortable for me. I used it on my BA flights from Toronto to London.

nolito r. sembrero

very much good etihad aircraft including their meals..

Niklas Andersson

Please Laura, Compare what is comparebable….
Grettings from Sweden

High Mile Club

Which Etihad aircraft looks best: A380, 777, or 787?
Answer: Yes. 😀

Richard Browne

Airbus build a better aircraft, no question.


I flew Sydney to Abu Dhabi in A380 business and Abu Dhabi to Sydney in B777. The 777 was way noisier in the air and I much preferred the A380. The whole flight was smooth as silk in the 380. For 14 hours, I know what I’d prefer. The service was identical of course, but the a380 was an experience, the 777 felt like a bigger 737.


Apples and oranges. The A380 is a great achievement in engineering terms, no dought, but unfortunately a white elephant.


Shouldn’t that be “… no doubt” ??


There is no comparison between the Boeing 777 and the A380 particularly the A380 layout on Emirates. Less so with the Qantas and SQ A380s. It will be a very sad day when the A380s time is up. When booking flights the make of plane and then layout is paramount for us.

Peter Sue

The A380 cabin is the quietest in the sky after the A350 cabin. I find the noise levels in the 777 cabin is quite a bit louder in all sections.

Dennis Lee

i love the 380 for all the reason’s listed


Etihad’s Airbus A380 vs Boeing 777 – What Plane Is More Comfortable?

Shouldn’t correct English be “Which Plane is More Comfortable?”??

Joseph Kingsley

Those in glass houses…

Alan Fleming

Passenger space for both economy and business class on the A380 together with lower aircraft noise makes Etihad A380 Superior to Etihad 777. I fly both aircraft at least 4 times each a year LHR / MNL.


A380 is the best any day anytime

Mohammad joshim

Last timei.llsee gulf news code sear kweat airwase open road dhaka January 5 but not open. Ineed information how many days after open the dhaka?


The noise in the 777 is much more than the 380 I have flown on both these aircraft several times

Gerald P. Nyirenda

I prefer the A380


A380 has quietest engines and smoother take off an landing also, the aisles are wider so you’re less likely to bump someone while moving around.

Rudolf Van Overdijk

The 380 in economy, is definitely more comfortable, I believe the seats are much wider and the window seats have that much more roo.

Dr Ali Ewais

I’m confident that the Boeing 777 is. Ore reliable much safer hit record in safety very comfortable specially on arrival faster and not crowded to check out compair to A380
I trust Boeing but not Airbus


I’m not sure if the author of this article has experienced any of the cabins on a flight operated with a A380 and a 777-3ER. There would be no comparison really since the A380 has a redesigned cabin in all 3 classes, while the 777 has not been refreshed for quite some time. A simple look at the entertainment system will make the 777 feel outdated. Privacy-wise, you might have 70 seats in business for the A380, it’s not more packed than the 777, if anything the design of the cabin offer more individual privacy. I have to admit though,… Read more »

Joanna Bailey

I think it’s subjective but thanks for your input.