You Can Now Go Camping In A Former Etihad Airbus A319

Miss the inside of an aircraft cabin? You can now go camping inside a former Etihad A319, modified with all the creature comforts! Run by Apple Camping in Pembrokeshire, UK, the fuselage of the Etihad A319 now serves as a room and the galley as a kitchen! Let’s see what else this former jet has to offer.

Etihad A319 Converted Camping Hotel
The creators have used the fuselage of the A319 to create a camp inside. Photo: Apple Camping

Making use of an old plane

The plane in use for this unique project is a 17-year-old Etihad A319, delivered initially to PrivatAir in 2003, according to According to Apple Camping, the operators of the camp, the plane was also in service with Air Canada and Air Malta, before Etihad took over the aircraft.

Etihad Airways A320 family
Etihad retired the plane in 2017, after nearly 15 years in commercial use. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Etihad used the plane for nine years before storing the aircraft in late 2017. In April 2020, the plane was broken apart. Since then, the Welsh company Apple Camping seems to have purchased a part of the fuselage for this unique camping site.

What’s inside?

Located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the camp features two fuselage sections of the former A319. The cabin now has beds, a sofa, and a TV to give it a full living experience. The now-room also has its original windows and switches an authentic plane feeling, along with the overhead bins to store your bags. Definitely a step up from the usual economy seating.

Etihad A319 Camping Interior
The interiors look slightly similar to a private jet A319 layout. Photo: Apple Camping

The galley has been fittingly converted into a kitchen for the convenience of those staying in the camp. The back of the fuselage features a small outdoor seating area, just to remind you that you’re still on the ground.

Etihad A319 Converted Camping Hotel
The camp also has outdoor seating between the two sections. Photo: Apple Camping

Labeled as the “Arabian Night Airbus,” the camp is offering a unique living experience. A two-night stay at this camp will set you back £298 ($395), quite the pricey experience. However, for plane enthusiasts who’ve been grounded for so long, this might be a fun break. Apple Daily also has a camp made from a Lockheed JetStar, for a more retro experience.

Airplane hotels

The new A319 camp is quite similar to other “airplane hotels” that have popped up in the last few years. Popular ones such as the JumboStay Hotel in Stockholm, near Arlanda Airport, which features a full 747 converted into a hotel, have become quite the attraction. The A319 model seems to have similar ambitions to attract customers. There have been other hotels inspired by flying too, such as the popular TWA Hotel in JFK.

JumboStay Hotel 747
Airplane hotels have become popular in the last few years. Photo: Brorsson via Wikimedia Commons

Aircraft hotels also give planes an opportunity to do more than just rust in the desert and are an environmentally positive way to reuse these assets. With more aircraft retirements on the horizon, could we perhaps see an A380 hotel soon?

What do you think about the A319 camping experience? Would you stay here? Let us know in the comments below!