In Photos: Etihad Flies Aid To Beirut Following Deadly Explosion

Etihad Airways yesterday flew 16 tonnes of United Arab Emirates aid to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The support was dispatched following a deadly explosion in the city on Tuesday. So far, over 100 individuals have been confirmed as deceased as a result of the incident.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
Etihad Airways flew aid to Beirut in response to the recent deadly explosion. Photo: Etihad

On Tuesday, a vast portion of the city of Beirut was crippled by a massive explosion, with a force that some suggested was more powerful than the US military’s most massive non-nuclear bomb. Since then, we have seen several airlines mobilize their fleets to send aid and repatriate citizens.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
16 tonnes of aid was loaded onto the flight. Photo: Etihad

Etihad’s aid flight

Recently we have seen Etihad operating some aid flights on behalf of the United Arab Emirates’ government. The most high profile of these flights saw two historic cargo flights to Israel, the first by a UAE registered aircraft, to deliver medical aid bound for Palestine.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
The consignment was labeled as “UAE AID: for Lebanon to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)”. Photo: Etihad

These flights, a part of the UAE’s humanitarian response to the COVID-19 crisis around the globe, saw the nation put aside its political differences in recognition of the need of humans around the world. The United Arab Emirates has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
Etihad previously operated a historic aid flight to Israel. Photo: Etihad

The most recent flight saw Etihad use one of its Boeing 777s to fly aid to Lebanon. The aircraft, A6-ETG, departed from Abu Dhabi with the precious load, bound for the explosion hit city of Beirut. The plane was carrying a consignment of 16 tonnes worth of aid bound for the country.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
The aid was flown on a nine-year-old Boeing 777 aircraft. Photo: Etihad

It was not immediately clear what aid was being flown to the nation. However, photos of the support being loaded onto the aircraft show “UAE AID: for Lebanon to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)”. As such, one would imagine that the aid consists of medical equipment for the state at its time of need.

The flight’s details

Etihad’s aid flight was operated by one of the airline’s Boeing 777 aircraft. The aircraft, registered as A6-ETG, is a 9-year-old Boeing 777-300, according to data from

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
The flight flew from the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon, passing over Saudi Arabia. Photo:

According to flight data, the aircraft departed from Abu Dhabi at 18:35 yesterday. Following a 3-hour 41-minute flight, the plane touched down in Beirut. The Boeing 777 remained in Beirut for around an hour and a half to unload its cargo before departing at 20:50. Following another 3-hour and 24-minute flight, the aircraft arrived back at its Abu Dhabi home in the United Arab Emirates at 04:15 the next morning.

Etihad Airways, Beirut Explosion, Aid Flight
So far, the UAE has provided aid to 1 million medical workers with the help of Etihad Airways. Photo: Etihad

Commenting on the mission, Etihad Airways said:

“The United Arab Emirates aid programme supported by Etihad Airways, has also assisted more than 1 million medical workers worldwide by supplying personal protective equipment (PPE), medical and food aid in support of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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