Etihad Airways Is Operating An Eco-Flight To Brussels Today

Etihad is today operating a special ‘Eco-Flight’ from Abu Dhabi to Brussels. Celebrating Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020, the flight will put a range of sustainable initiatives into practice.

Etihad Airways, Boeing 787, Brussels, Eco Flight
Etihad today operated a special eco-flight to Brussels. Photo: Etihad

The 2020s are likely to be a decade with a huge focus on sustainable aviation. With the rising emphasis placed on aviation’s 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, the industry is looking to play its part. Etihad is off to a strong start in these regards.

At the Dubai Airshow, the airline announced a partnership with Boeing to trial green technologies on one of its Boeing 787 aircraft, affectionately dubbed the Greenliner.

Today’s flight

Today, Etihad flight EY57 will be operated as a special service to Brussels. The airline has implemented a range of initiatives designed to reduce the environmental impact of the flight. For example, Etihad has worked with Eurocontrol to secure an optimized route for the flight, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

The airline has made an effort to remove as much single-use plastic as possible from the flight. This has included altering everything from blanket wrapping to swapping plastic dishes for aluminum.

Etihad Airways, Boeing 787, Brussels, Eco Flight
The airline worked with Eurocontrol on a fuel-efficient route. Photo:

Electric vehicles have been drafted in at Abu Dhabi Airport to transfer luggage and freight to the aircraft from the terminal building.

Additionally, the flight seems to be on the receiving end of some special treatments that would not be practical to roll out across the board. Alongside the optimized route agreed with Eurocontrol, Etihad has also made an agreement in Abu Dhabi. The flight had an expedited taxi, giving it priority over other flights. This means that time sitting with the engines running was minimized.

The Greenliner initiative

Today’s eco-flight is just part of a bigger environmental initiative at Etihad Airways. At this year’s Dubai Airshow, the airline announces it had signed a deal with Boeing. This sees the UAE flag carrier teaming up with the American manufacturer.

While one aircraft will receive a special Greenliner livery, the tests won’t be restricted to that aircraft. In fact, the airline’s entire fleet of 787s will be used to test such green initiatives. However, Etihad will also partner with other industry businesses to trial these technologies as well as Boeing.

Etihad Airways, Boeing 787, Brussels, Eco Flight
The flight forms part of Etihad’s wider environmental commitment. Photo: Etihad

The specially branded Greenliner Boeing 787 is due to be delivered to Etihad next week according to the airline. This, it says, highlights the sustainability partnership between Etihad and Boeing.

Speaking of today’s flight Tony Douglas, CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, said,

 “Sustainable practice is a critical and continuing challenge for the air transport industry, which is striving to reduce carbon emissions and waste, while meeting soaring demand for air travel. It is also a key priority for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in which Etihad is a critical driver of both social and economic development.”

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