Back To Business? Etihad Resumes Global Cabin Crew Hiring Process

After an 18-month pause, Etihad is resuming cabin crew hiring. The Abu Dhabi-based carrier plans to hire 1,000 crew members from around the globe, putting it among a small group of airlines currently recruiting. The move is a strong sign of rebounding travel demand at Etihad and a general market recovery. Let’s find out more.

Boeing 787 Etihad
Etihad is focusing on its most popular regions for the hiring plans, with the Middle East and Europe in focus. Photo: Etihad

Back in action

The last two years have been hard on Etihad, which was in the middle of an ambitious turnaround plan. However, with the pandemic settling down in parts of the world and travel opening up globally, the carrier is resuming one of its core activities: hiring. Specifically, the airline is looking for up to 1,000 cabin crew members with “outstanding hospitality experience” from around the globe.

The recruitment drive will take place in 10 cities across the UAE, Middle East, and Europe. This is notable since any positions open nowadays are often limited to domestic workers rather than expats. However, the UAE’s immigration policy and growing demand means Etihad is going global in its search for talent.

Etihad Cabin Crew
Cabin crew worldwide have taken pay cuts or faced layoffs due to the pandemic, but things are starting to improve. Photo: Etihad

The recruitment drive begins on 11th October in Abu Dhabi and goes until 22nd November, with opportunities in Cairo, Beirut, Casablanca, Kyiv, Athens, Barcelona, Milan, Alexandria, and Amsterdam. Potential employees can register in advance on Etihad’s website.

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The pandemic has been a challenging time for flight crew. The early days saw thousands of pilots and cabin crew lose their jobs or enter furloughs due to negligible air traffic. The rest of 2020 remained rocky as well, with much of the world in and out of restrictions. However, 2021 has been a turning point, with airlines posting massive route maps for the summer to cater to post-vaccination travel reopenings.

The demand has been so high that some airlines have scrambled to rehire or recruit new crew members to staff flights. Last month, neighbor Emirates also announced plans to hire up to 3,000 cabin crew to help with the ramp-up of flights. Now, Etihad has joined the list with more opportunities for new entrants.

Being a cabin crew member during the pandemic has not been easy, with economic and health uncertainties. Photo: Getty Images

In a statement about the hirings, Etihad’s Head of Crew Performance and Support, Captain Jihad Matta, said,

“The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult, however, there is much to be positive about as travel restrictions ease and we ramp up operations to meet growing demand. A critical part of this is rebuilding our cabin crew team…We hope to attract diverse, talented men and women globally, to inspire and help them kick-start a tremendous career opportunity and life experience in the UAE.”

The move also comes as the UAE hosts EXPO 2020, which hopes to attract millions over the next six months. Airlines will play a central role in this, with Emirates and Etihad both rolling out promotions. For now, it looks like aviation is finally reaching some sense of normalcy, even if things remain uncertain.

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