Etihad Launches Kids Fly Free To Abu Dhabi Campaign

Etihad Airways has launched a new promotion that sees kids flying free when adults book flights to Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The promotion is valid for bookings made in the next two weeks and for children up to 11.

Etihad, Kids Fly Free, Abu Dhabi
Etihad is launching a ‘kids fly free’ promotion for the next two weeks. Photo: Getty Images

Around the world, airlines are seeking to try and stimulate travel bookings following the worst crisis ever to hit the aviation industry. For many airlines, this has included flexible rebooking policies or offering COVID-19 insurance to cover passengers if the worst should happen. However, UAE airline Etihad is taking a slightly different approach.

Kids travel free with Etihad

To try and stimulate bookings from families, Etihad is allowing kids to fly for free with each adult fare booked for a flight before January 28th. Each adult can bring two children aged under 11 free of charge, meaning two adults can bring up to four children.

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With fares starting as low as £299 ($408) per adult from London Heathrow, a family of two adults and four children could make a considerable saving. Travel must take place before September 30th to be eligible for the promotion. Children traveling free are still liable for taxes and fees relevant to the booking.

Etihad, Kids Fly Free, Abu Dhabi
Two children can fly for free with each paying adult. Photo: Vincenzo Pace –

How much of a saving can be made?

To gauge just how much could be saved, Simple Flying compared two bookings, one during the promotion and one after it ends. According to the Etihad booking engine, for two adults and four children traveling London to Abu Dhabi between April 4-11th, the fare would be £1,426.04 in total. This equates to a fare of £730 for the adults and taxes and fees of £696.04 for the adults and children.

Etihad, Kids Fly Free, Abu Dhabi
While the adult fare was more expensive in April, overall the booking would’ve been cheaper: Screengrab:

Meanwhile, for a booking for October 4th to 11th, the total comes to £2,176.44. This consists of a fare of £474 for the adults and £712 for the children. Taxes and fees for all travelers come to £990.44.

Etihad, Kids Fly Free, Abu Dhabi
The sample booking after the promotion period. Screengrab:

It’s worth stressing that while the example mentions travel from London, the promotion is valid on any flights to Abu Dhabi (or Dubai with a bus transfer). While England remains in lockdown, people can only travel abroad for legally permitted reasons.

While many countries, like England, remain in lockdown, this is not the case in the United Arab Emirates, perhaps making it a popular destination to go and take a break. All passengers flying on Etihad are currently required to show a negative COVID-19 test upon departure and when arriving in Abu Dhabi.

Since New Year, the United Arab Emirates has reported a steady increase in COVID-19 cases, with a record 3,362 cases being reported yesterday. While this is still much lower than many European countries, it has recently lost its travel corridor status with the UK.

What do you make of the promotion? Will you make use of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.