EU Implements Virus Travel Ban – Britain Exempt

German Chancellor and de facto leader of the EU Angela Merkel has confirmed that European Union leaders have agreed on an immediate ban on travel to the region. The 30-day ban will restrict flights to the EU amid COVID-19 concerns.

Ryanair, easyjet, Peter Bellew
European airlines, including British ones, will still be able to fly their citizens between across the continent. Photo: Getty Images

DW reports that the chancellor of Germany agreed on the restriction terms with other leaders within the bloc. In addition to the new policy, the German foreign ministry is looking to bring thousands of stranded citizens home.

Several people have been caught up in flight bans and travel restrictions across the world. However, foreign minister Heiko Maas will “airlift” thousands of German citizens that are stuck in other countries.


Movement still allowed

EU citizens and permanent residents will still be allowed to travel across the union. However, individual nations may wish to implement their own policies. For example, France has now ordered a nationwide lockdown and has closed its borders.

There will still be freedom of movement unless an individual country places its own restrictions. Photo: Getty

Additionally, despite transitioning away from the EU, the United Kingdom will be exempt from the travel ban. Even though Boris Johnson is happy to keep his country’s airports and borders open, the prime minister has advised against non-essential travel in this unique time.

Therefore, there will be a handful of UK residents glad that they can travel to the European mainland over the next month. Especially since several well-visited countries around the world have placed temporary restrictions on the country.


More damage

Nonetheless, this move will further rock the global airline industry with more service suspensions. Even when President Trump announced his European travel ban, he still allowed US residents to travel to and from the continent.

This decision kept some flights alive for several US-based carriers. The likes of United Airlines still kept flying regularly to various European countries. However, this ban will be another blow to their operations and in turn their finances.

EU, Schengen Zone, Travel Ban
There have been many bans introduced this week due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: Getty

Harsh measures

Altogether, the continent has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic in the last few weeks. Along with the various lockdowns, several key events have had to be postponed such as the Euro 2020 football tournament.

Along with this, thousands of businesses have had to close, such as the numerous carmakers that have ceased production. So many jobs in all sorts of industries are at stake and there needs to be a well thought out plan to ensure that there is some stability going forward.

Hopefully, these extreme measures will contribute to some important steps in the long run as they could have a detrimental impact on the financial situation and wellbeing of millions of citizens.

What are your thoughts on how regions keep implementing new travel bans? Have you been impacted by these ongoing restrictions? Let us know how you feel about the situation in the comment section.


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