Europe’s Top 20 Airlines This Month – Which Airline Is On Top?

Turkish Airlines is the largest carrier to, from, and within Europe in May 2021, based on analyzing the latest scheduled passenger capacity data provided by airlines to OAG. Six airlines have fallen out of the top-20, while low-cost carriers are down significantly and British Airways has fallen to 17th. While temporary, this provides an interesting snapshot of the present situation.

British Airways is now the 17th largest carrier, down from fifth. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Turkish Airlines, which serves more countries around the world than any other airline, is down by 49% over May 2019, but it has risen from fourth to first place. It is fighting for pole position with Aeroflot, which is down by ‘just’ 34%.

Pobeda, which has grown strongly in the past two years, is Aeroflot’s lower-cost subsidiary. If the pair were combined, Aeroflot Group would be strongly in the lead, which provides a timely reminder to always think about what is included and why.

Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines are fighting it out for the top spot. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

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Top-20 airlines

Ryanair was number-one in May 2019, with over 14 million scheduled capacity that month. Now it is down by 84%, or 11.79 million, with the carrier falling to third.

Five airlines from Russia are now in the top-20 list. Source: OAG Schedules Analyzer.

Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air hit hard

Ryanair is far the worst affected of the top-20 airlines serving Europe, with only Wizz Air (down by 9.55 million) and easyJet (down by 8.57 million) coming close. While the pan-Europe operations of these three have been vital to their growth and success, it is for now dragging them down. And the UK’s current ‘green list’ of countries will only their recovery very marginally.

easyJet was second in May 2019, but it has fallen to 11th. It is one of four carriers to have fallen out of the prestigious ‘Europe’s 10 largest’ category, along with British Airways, SAS, and Vueling.

Ryanair has fallen from first to third. Its capacity is down by the biggest amount. Photo: Getty Images.

New entrants in the top-20

S7 Airlines, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, TUI Airways, UTair, and Emirates have all joined the top-20 group of airlines to, from, and within Europe. This further shows how Russia has become increasingly dominant, with S7 – now the sixth-largest ahead of KLM – up from 24th.

Emirates is now the biggest airline based outside of Europe to be in the table. While its European capacity is down by six in ten seats, it is in 20th place, a jump of three places. It has 30 routes between Europe and Dubai this month. Simple Flying examined Emirates’ dominance this year.

Six airlines have fallen out of the top-20 list this May: TAP Air Portugal; Eurowings; Norwegian; SWISS; Finnair; and Austrian. Most will return in due course. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

British Airways is now 17th

British Airways, which was fifth in May 2019, is now 17th. This is in contrast to Air France, Lufthansa, and KLM which remain in the top-10.

British Airways filed just 715,000 seats with OAG, a fall of 86% from 5.22 million. It has just over 100 routes this month, including a number by subsidiary BA CityFlyer which includes new routes from Southampton. BA has announced various routes to Greece and Turkey from June, joining new ‘green list’ services to Faro, including from Manchester, Edinburgh, and Newcastle.

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