These Are The Most Pet-Friendly Airlines In Europe

When traveling with your pets, choosing the right airline can make all the difference. Whether you’ve got concerns around what animals you can fly with, how many, and for how much, these are the best, pet-friendly airlines in Europe.

Dog at TUI check in
Which airlines allow which pets for what cost? Photo: Getty Images

How are they ranked?

Not every pet owner is looking for the same when taking their pet abroad. That’s why we’ve collated information from a variety of airlines across Europe to give you options when bringing your pet abroad.

The following three airlines stand out for a particular service they offer. They are not the only European airlines offering pet-related services; however, they are some of the best.

Iberia: best for variety

If you’re a pet owner with a more diverse interest in animals, then Iberia is your go-to airline. Not only does it have a policy for cat and dog owners, but it also offers options for those that prefer more specialized animals. On your next Iberia flight, you can take dogs, cats, fish, turtles, and selected birds, although Iberia does draw the line at ferrets and pine martens.

Iberia fleet at gate
Your pet turtle can go on holiday with Iberia. Photo: Getty Images

Your animals in their container must weigh no more than 8kg, and transporting them could cost you between $45-$180 each direction, depending on your final destination.

What’s more, you can also transport animals in the hold if you book up to 48 hours in advance, and your animal and their container weigh no more than 45kg. This will cost in the region of $95-$360 each way, depending on your destination. For more information, check out Iberia’s website.

KLM: best for multiple pets

KLM is one of the best carriers in Europe for those who own more than one pet. While it’s not the only airline that offers transport for multiple pets, its hold service is one of the best.

For those wishing to transport animals in the cabin, one animal can be taken with a maximum weight of 8kg (including their container). Cats and dogs must be over 10 weeks old. (The airline does not specify if other animals can be transported.)

KLM in flight
KLM specializes in multiple pets. Photo: Getty Images

In the hold, two animals can be transported in one carrier or three pets up to 6 months old in the same container. Again, pets must be over 10 weeks old in most cases and should weigh no more than 75kg with their crates. It’s worth noting that other airlines have similar policies; however, not all offer as much weight flexibility as KLM.

Find out more about KLM’s policy on its website.

Lufthansa: best for cost

Similarly to KLM, Lufthansa offers to carry multiple pets at a comfortable price. Two dogs or cats can be transported together in one container in the aircraft cabin with the airline. The same logic is applied to animals traveling in the hold. For even more flexibility, Lufthansa customers are also able to transport one dog or cat in the cabin while the other travels in the hold.

The maximum transportable cabin weight is 8kg, including the container, and the cost depends on where you are flying. However, as a guide, you can expect to pay around $57-$126 for the trip. Find out more on Lufthansa’s website.

Lufthansa A340 with rainbow
Lufthansa’s competitive prices make it a good choice for pet owners.

Other important information

Whether you are traveling with these three airlines or not, it pays to do your research. As of the start of this year, many airlines have imposed restrictions on snub-nosed dogs who suffer more in stressful environments. If you are unsure if your pet will be accepted, speak to your airline.

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