Eurowings Adds More European Flights To Its Schedules

While COVID-19 continues to take its toll around the world, some countries are easing restrictions with previously restricted services coming back. This includes flights operated by Lufthansa Group airline Eurowings as it “continues to ensure its basic service at the airports of Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn, and Stuttgart.” With a promise of flexible booking and up to 25% off, things appear to be ramping up quickly for the German carrier.

Eurowings A319
Eurowings will offer high-frequency service from major German cities to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Photo: Eurowings

Offering a basic flight program that enables important domestic German connections and flights to various destinations in Europe, the airline had this to say as part of its announcement:

“Eurowings has now extended its flight schedule and adds additional connections as of May 2020. One focus will be on destinations in the Mediterranean region. For the first time, the island of Mallorca will again be served from several German locations.”

Eurowings destinations for May onwards:

The extensive list of routes and their frequencies as presented by Eurowings is as follows:

  • Flying from Düsseldorf:
    • Hamburg and Berlin – nine times weekly
    • Vienna, Zurich, and London – six times weekly
    • Milan and Salzburg – four times weekly
    • Barcelona and Manchester – three times weekly
    • Budapest, Catania, Ibiza, Naples, Olbia, Prague, Rome and Thessaloniki – twice weekly
    • Heraklion – once per week
    • Mallorca – seven times weekly
  • Flying from Cologne/Bonn:
    • Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich – six times weekly
    • Edinburgh – three times weekly
    • Lisbon, Kavala, and Zabreg – twice weekly
    • Bastia – once per week
    • Mallorca – seven times weekly
  • Flying from Hamburg:
    • Mallorca – daily service
    • Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart – six times weekly
    • Vienna – four times weekly
    • Düsseldorf – nine times weekly
  • Flying from Stuttgart:
    • Berlin – four times weekly
    • Hamburg – six times weekly
    • Mallorca – seven times weekly
  • Flying from Munich:
    • Cologne/Bonn and Mallorca – six times weekly

Routes with the highest frequency are mainly domestic journeys between the largest German cities. However, another notable destination is Mallorca, with every German base offering flights to the Spanish island between six and nine times weekly. It’s clear that Eurowings is anticipating Germans will make a swift getaway to the Mediterranean as soon as possible.

eurowings a320 a319
Eurowings fleet mainly consists of Airbus A320 family jets. Photo: Getty Images

Is it too soon?

Eurowings is trying hard to draw customers in, offering guests a flexible booking policy which allows the following:

  • A change of flights free of charge up to 14 days before departure
  • The ability to rebook flights as often as customers wish
  • The ability to rebook flights to a different destination within Europe and its neighboring countries free of charge

Furthermore, the airline has reduced the price of “over 30 attractive holiday destinations” by up to 25%.

However, a big question right now might be “is the airline resuming and encouraging non-essential flights too soon?”

According to CTV, outbreaks have cropped up as countries like South Korea and Germany have eased restrictions. In fact, health officials in Germany faced outbreaks at three slaughterhouses as restrictions were eased. Could opening up travel this quickly expose the country to subsequent waves of the virus?


There is no doubt that the German Government is monitoring the situation closely and will be ready to re-impose restrictions should it detect another travel-related outbreak. It is equally clear that airlines around the world, Eurowings included, are suffering greatly as a result of the virus.

Thus, striking a balance between the risk of a second wave, and restarting the economy will be the primary goal for many in the weeks to come.

Do you think May is too soon for the airline to resume such robust service across Germany, and to vacation spots like Mallorca? Or is it a risk worth taking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.