Eurowings Ups Croatian Routes In September

Perhaps atypically for a network that consists of routes serving the holiday market, Eurowings has expanded its schedule in the coastal country of Croatia. The number of flight operations on Eurowings’ routes to Croatia is scheduled to grow by 9% between August and September.

eurowings a320 a319
Eurowings will fly more frequencies to Croatia in September than in August. Photo: Getty Images

76 weekly flights in September

Lufthansa Group’s low-cost airline Eurowings has scheduled 9% more flight operations between Germany and Croatia in September compared to August. This increase brings the total of weekly flights that Eurowings will operate to and from Croatia to 76. It will serve six airports in the country: Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik.

Interestingly, this Eurowings expansion in September follows Lufthansa’s expansion in Croatia in August. In both cases, the Lufthansa Group is scheduling flights in a way that optimally serves both point-to-point demand and transfer passengers.

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Split Airport will see 40 weekly flights

Croatian Aviation reports that the biggest number of flight operations will be to Split Airport, which recently opened a new terminal. The destinations and frequencies will be as follows:

  • Dusseldorf, four weekly, up from three weekly
  • Hamburg, four weekly, up from three weekly
  • Cologne, five weekly, up from four weekly
  • Stuttgart, four weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Hannover, once weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Berlin, twice weekly, up from once weekly

Interestingly, each of these six routes, regardless of their frequencies, will be operated on Saturdays. This indicates how strongly Eurowings relies on tourism to fill seats to these destinations.

Also interestingly, this number of 40 weekly flights scheduled by Eurowings between Germany and Split is more than Croatia Airlines will operate to all its international markets from Split combined.

Eurowings will operate more international flights to Split than Croatia Airlines in September. Photo: Getty Images

Eurowings will return to Dubrovnik

Perhaps more notably, Eurowings will be operating three routes to Dubrovnik that were last operated last summer. These three routes, and their single weekly frequencies, are thus a new addition to Eurowings’ schedule between Germany and Croatia this year.

The new routes to Dubrovnik, all to be operated on Sundays only, are:

  • Dusseldorf
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg

Rijeka, Pula, and Zadar will see decreases

The other three coastal airports served by Eurowings in Croatia are Rijeka, Pula, and Zadar. Two will see a slight decrease in flight operations, and one will stay the same. The routes with their frequency changes are:

  • Rijeka – Dusseldorf, once weekly, down from twice weekly
  • Rijeka – Hamburg, once weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Pula – Dusseldorf, once weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Zadar – Cologne, once weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Zadar – Stuttgart, twice weekly, reducing to once weekly in mid-September
Eurowings Dash 8-400
Continental airports in Croatia appear to be far less interesting to Eurowings this year. Photo: Getty Images

Continental airports have fewer flights

Mainland Croatian airports appear to be far less interesting to Eurowings, even despite the capital being located there. Again, this shows that Eurowings is highly interested in serving the Croatian market for holiday purposes.

Eurowings will completely withdraw from Osijek Airport, which the airline served from Stuttgart and Cologne in 2019, and from Stuttgart alone in August.

From Zagreb, Eurowings will serve:

  • Stuttgart, four times weekly, frequency unchanged
  • Cologne, five times weekly, up from four weekly in August

What do you think is the reason behind Eurowings expanding its flight operations in Croatia by as much as 9% between August and September? Let us know what you think of this story in the comments below.