Eurowings Discover: The Rapid Growth Of Lufthansa’s Youngest Carrier

Having launched in July 2021, Eurowings Discover is expanding fast. With 11 aircraft, it’ll have 69 routes next summer from Frankfurt and Munich, the only German airports it serves, including a steadily growing list of long-haul services.

Eurowings Discover, First Flight, Lufthansa Group
This is one of three A330-200s operated by Eurowings Discover. The specific aircraft (D-AXGE) was delivered to Qatar Airways in 2004 and then used by SunExpress Deutschland from 2016. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying.

Introducing Eurowings Discover

Eurowings Discover is the leisure or vacation airline of the Lufthansa Group. It came about because Lufthansa itself does not have the right platform – in terms of costs and product – to target tourists properly. Lufthansa has a high cost base and requires sufficiently high fares to offset it.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Eurowings Discover and Eurowings are pretty closely related, but they both have different air operator certificates and IATA codes (4Y and EW, respectively). While Discover focuses exclusively on Frankfurt and Munich, Eurowings has only a minimal network from the two airports. Discover has much more in common with Condor, the leisure carrier previously owned by Lufthansa.

Eurowings Discovery Tampa
Eurowings Discover has replaced Lufthansa to Tampa. Photo: Tampa International Airport.

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Now 11 aircraft

The leisure carrier has 11 aircraft, including eight A330s. All of its A330-200s were previously with SunExpress Deutschland and its A320s with Lufthansa. Some of its larger A330-300s were last used by Edelweiss and others by Eurowings. According to, its A330-200s average 17.2 years, its A330-300s 14.9, and its A320s a mere 5.6 years.

  • Five A330-300s
  • Three A330-200s
  • Three A320-200s
Eurowings Discover, First Flight, Lufthansa Group
Three (and possibly four) triangular and termination services will run next summer, including Frankfurt-Mombasa-Kilimanjaro-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Montego Bay-Puerto Plata-Frankfurt. A fourth (Frankfurt-Windhoek-Victoria Falls and back) is scheduled but not bookable. Photo: via Lufthansa.

Some 69 routes next summer

In summer 2022, Eurowings Discover will serve 44 destinations from Frankfurt and 25 from Munich, Cirium data shows. Some 22 long-haul routes will operate, with 20 from Frankfurt and two from Munich. Of particular note are Anchorage, Calgary, Fort Myers, Halifax, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Windhoek, and Victoria Falls.

The long link from Frankfurt to Salt Lake City, some 5,128 miles (8,367km) away, stands out. It’ll be the first time the route has had regular service, with three weekly flights beginning May 23rd.

Eurowings Discover will replace Lufthansa to Calgary (last operated 2009-2012), Panama City (2016-2020), and Tampa (2015-2020). It’ll also replace Eurowings to Las Vegas (2019-2020), Windhoek (see below), and others.

Eurowings Discover to Mauritius
Frankfurt to Mauritius was inaugurated on October 1st. Photo: Eurowings Discover.

Frankfurt to Windhoek is the leading route

It’s perhaps surprising that Frankfurt to the Namibian capital of Windhoek is Eurowings Discover’s leading route by flights next summer. Multiple carriers have operated it over the years, including Condor (2014-2019) and Air Namibia (until 2020).

Eurowings started it in 2019 and was replaced by Lufthansa in June 2021, only to be replaced two months later by Eurowings Discover. Expect more route replacements and network realignments in the future as both Lufthansa and the new leisure airline focus on their relative strengths.

  1. Frankfurt to Windhoek
  2. Frankfurt to Heraklion
  3. Frankfurt to Tampa
  4. Frankfurt to Las Vegas
  5. Frankfurt to Gran Canaria
  6. Munich to Heraklion
  7. Frankfurt to Corfu
  8. Munich to Corfu
  9. Frankfurt to Lamezia Terme
  10. Frankfurt to Tenerife South

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