Low-Cost Lufthansa: The 2021 Fleet Of Eurowings

German low-cost carrier Eurowings is a key member of the Lufthansa Group. With nearly 100 aircraft at its disposal, the airline caters to European leisure markets for passengers looking to travel on a budget. In recent years, Eurowings has diversified its network to also include operating bases outside of Germany. But what aircraft does it fly?

Eurowings A319
Eurowings’ Airbus-dominated fleet features the A319. Photo: Getty Images

Eurowings’ least numerous aircraft types

According to data from ch-aviation.com, Eurowings presently has 89 aircraft in its fleet. These planes are spread across just four aircraft types, with two being dominant forces, and two playing a far smaller role. Let’s begin by looking at the carrier’s rarer aircraft.

First of all, Eurowings is presently flying two Boeing 737-800s on lease from the German division of TUI. Registered as D-ABMQ and D-ABKJ, data from ATDB.aero shows that these twinjets have been flying for Eurowings since September 2020 and March 2021 respectively. Data from RadarBox.com suggests that both are based at Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN).

The remainder of Eurowings’ fleet consists entirely of Airbus A320 family jets. The rarest of these at the German low-cost carrier is the stretched-fuselage A321, of which Eurowings has two. However, these 200-seat twinjets are both presently in storage in Kaunas, Lithuania. Both examples flew there from Eurowings’ Düsseldorf base in May 2020.

Eurowings Boeing 737
Eurowings’ 737s serve European leisure routes from Cologne Bonn. Photo: BriYYZ via Flickr

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A growing Airbus A320ceo and neo fleet

In terms of the dominant forces in Eurowings’ present fleet, the most numerous aircraft type is the original Airbus A320. Otherwise known as the A320ceo (Current Engine Option), there are 51 examples of this twinjet in the current Eurowings’ setup, accounting for more than 57% of its total fleet. Of these, nine are registered with Eurowings Europe, which serves its non-German bases. Six of the nine have Austrian registrations with ‘OE’ prefixes.

Eurowings’ A320s are 10.3 years old on average. The airline is set to take delivery of a further five ex-Germanwings examples, which are presently in storage in Budapest and Düsseldorf. Additionally, Eurowings will modernize its A320 fleet in the coming years by receiving the next-generation A320neo. These deliveries are set to commence in Spring 2022.

The A320 accounts for more than half of the current Eurowings fleet. Photo: Getty Images

Small but mighty – the Airbus A319

The remaining 34 aircraft in the Lufthansa Group’s low-cost carrier’s fleet are examples of the shorter Airbus A319. These are Eurowings’ oldest planes, with an average age of 12.9 years. Like the A320, a handful are affiliated with Eurowings Europe, with six of these seven bearing Austrian registrations. Eurowings has flown a further five A319s in previous years.

Looking at the seat maps available on SeatGuru, we can see that Eurowings A319s, like its A320s, have a three-row business class cabin at the front of the aircraft. Like many European carriers, the seats are the same as in economy, but the middle one is blocked to allow premium passengers extra space. What the A319s also have in common with the A320 is a lack of a row 13. Going forward, Eurowings will receive another two ex-Germanwings A319s.

What do you make of Eurowings’ current fleet? Have you ever flown with the German low-cost carrier? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!