Trip Review: Eurowings A320 Economy London To Cologne

Regular Simple Flying readers may remember that I flew from Cologne to London with British Airways in January. Now I’ve made the return journey, however, this time I flew Eurowings in order to try it out. I was largely not disappointed except for a questionable cheese sandwich…

Eurowings Airbus A320
Today I had the pleasure of flying Eurowings flight EW355 from London to Cologne. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


Booking the flight from Stansted to Cologne was surprisingly easy. I was able to complete the whole process using my phone and was even able to pay via PayPal. All in all, it must’ve taken me a maximum of four minutes to book the flight while having coffee with my partner in the town centre.

I paid a total of £25 for the flight, which isn’t bad. Although I wanted to get to Frankfurt, it still worked out cheaper to fly from London to Cologne then take the Flixbus to Frankfurt, than to fly direct to Frankfurt with Ryanair. I additionally opted to pay an extra £11 for an extra legroom seat (more on that later), putting the total cost at £36 for the flight.

Booking Score: ✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎


I was able to check in for the flight three days before I was due to depart. As I had already reserved a seat, I was in no rush to check in, so completed the process at leisure, again on my phone. This morning I woke up to both an email and a text from Eurowings. It read:

Your flight today is heavily booked, cabin space for hand luggage is limited. Please check in your hand luggage (8kg) in advance for free! Have a good flight!

Check in
The check in process couldn’t have been simpler. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

It’s almost as if Eurowings were reading my mind, as last night I was considering whether I could bargain with the ground staff to check my carry on for free in order to free up space in the cabin and carry less.

Boarding Pass
Eurowings let me add my boarding pass to my huge Apple Wallet collection.

When I arrived at the airport, I was initially shocked as I saw a mass of people. There must’ve been 200-300 in the mass, however, I quickly realised these passengers were queueing for the Ryanair desks. I spotted the two Eurowings desks, and to my surprise, there was no queue. In total, from walking into the terminal to leaving check-in must’ve taken all of two minutes. The check-in agent offered to print me a boarding pass despite having a mobile boarding pass.

Check-in Score: ✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎


The boarding process was somewhat disorganised. By the time I reached the gate there was already a fairly lengthy queue. The staff announced that boarding would commence with Group One, i.e. business passengers and those with status. The ground staff never announced for group two, but given that most of the plane would be group two I opted to join the queue. I had no issues boarding having joined this queue.

Boarding Eurowings A320
The boarding process was a little chaotic. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Boarding Score: ✈︎✈︎✈︎

The seat

In my opinion, the seat was perfect. Made by Recaro, I did not feel uncomfortable at any point. I had plenty of legroom, having paid extra for the privilege. Indeed, I am around 6ft 3in tall, and there was a good 15 cm of space between my knees and the chair in front (I know as my iPhone fitted into the gap).

Eurowings Economy London to Cologne
I had no complaints about the seat. It was clean and comfy with a great colour scheme. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The seat in front had two separate pockets. One had the magazines, while the other had a sick bag with a comment that made me giggle: “Thanks for sharing.” I would later discover that Eurowings’ branding is full of catchy puns.

Sick Bag London to Cologne Cheese Sandwich
The comment on the sick bag did make me giggle. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

My only complaint is that the tray table was a little stiff, and I almost spilt my coffee pulling it out. Being the first seat in the economy section, I had a bulkhead in front of me, however, this was completely unobtrusive.

Eurowings Legroom
My extra legroom seat had more than enough legroom. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Seat Score: ✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎✈︎

In-flight service

Next, let’s look at the in-flight service. Make sure that your seatbelt is fastened, and tray table stowed, as this is where the review takes a sharp turn. The cabin crew seemed nice enough, however, I didn’t really feel any connection with them. On such a short flight, this is understandable.

A320 Cheese Sandwich
My £11 extra legroom seat included a snack and a drink. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Having booked an extra legroom seat, I was promised a drink and a snack. This was where everything changed. I asked for a coffee and was happy when I was given a black coffee with milk. I’m usually tempted to get instant lattes, despite their awful taste. The coffee, however, didn’t make up for the monstrosity I was severed masquerading as a “cheese sandwich”.

London to cologne Cheese Sandwich
I got given half of a “cheese sandwich” Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Let’s start simple, it wasn’t a cheese sandwich, it was half a cheese sandwich. I would’ve prefered biscuits or a packet of crisps. Truth be told, on seeing the sandwich I didn’t want to open it, but I took one for the team and attempted to eat it for the purpose of this review.

Cheese Sandwich
If you know what this “spread” is, please do let me know! Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

This sandwich was the worst thing that has ever entered my mouth onboard an aircraft. Firstly, it was horrendously dry. Secondly, I’d be grateful if anybody could tell me what stood in the place of butter because I couldn’t work it out. Thirdly, the cheese had a crazy texture. It was bizarrely okay, however, seemed heavily processed. But the final issue proved to be the real tipping point. There were bits of carrot in the bread dough…

Thankfully, as it was such a short flight, the cabin crew were already cleaning up for landing before I had a chance to finish the sandwich.

In-flight Service Score: ✈︎

The flight overall

Overall, despite the sandwich, the flight was very good. We departed from Stansted 35 minutes late, but only landed 15 minutes behind schedule. I had planned my itinerary so that I wasn’t in a rush in Cologne, so the minor delay did not bother me. I would definitely look to fly with Eurowings again in the future, although I would take my own food. The price was great, and overall the service between London and Cologne was good. I doubt I’d book the business class seats as I didn’t see any real benefit other than a guaranteed empty seat.

London to Cologne
Overall I had no issue with the flight. It got me to my destination in comfort for an amazing price. Photo:

Stay tuned as I review Lufthansa’s A320 economy from Frankfurt to Manchester next week! Have you flown Eurowings? What was your impression? Who would you fly with from London to Cologne? Let us know in the comments!