Eurowings Turns To Northern Europe This Winter With New Routes

On Friday, July 10th, Eurowings announced four new destinations for its upcoming winter flight schedule. The low-cost carrier will serve two of these new far-north destinations from Düsseldorf, with the other two originating in Stuttgart, Germany. Let’s take a look at where Eurowings will take its aircraft this winter.

Airbus A319 eurowings
Eurowings will operate the Airbus A319 to all four of these newly-announced destinations. Photo: Raimond Spekking via Wikimedia Commons 

Going way up north

Eurowings’ new destinations will be welcomed news for adventure-seekers who enjoy and can handle those colder climates. The airline will be offering the following services for its 2021/22 winter flight schedule from the German cities of Düsseldorf and Stuttgart:

  • Düsseldorf-Tromsø (Norway): Flights will take place every Saturday starting on December 4th. From December 21st, an additional weekly flight will be added on Tuesdays.
  • Düsseldorf-Rovaniemi (Finland): Flights every Sunday from December 5th.
  • Stuttgart-Kiruna (Sweden): Flights every Saturday from December 4th.
  • Stuttgart-Luleå (Sweden): Flights begin at the start of December on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The airline states that one-way tickets for all flights will begin at 49.99 euros. Of course, we can expect to see higher fares as availability decreases, with fares also typically higher closer to the holidays.

“Travelers from Germany can expect fascinating landscapes and nature experiences such as the polar night, the Northern lights or extravagant leisure experiences such as dog sledding or icebreaker trips.” – Eurowings, via statement.

Eurowings routes
A visualization of the four new routes being offered by Eurowings. Photo:

Why these destinations?

With the launch of these new routes, it looks like Eurowings is attempting to attract the snow and cold-loving demographic.

Indeed, the city of Tromsø, Norway it situated 344 kilometers North of the Arctic Circle, corresponding to the latitude of Northern Alaska. Eurowings notes that the area around Tromsø is particularly attractive because of the Northern Lights.

Over in Finland, Rovaniemi might be a better family destination with its self-proclaimed title as the “official home of Santa Claus.” While the region is also known as a spot for viewing the Northern Lights, it’s also home to the Arktikum science center and museum.

In Sweden, Luleå offers snowmobile safaris, aurora tours, and icebreaker excursions, while Kiruna offers skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing.

Airbus A319 eurowings
Eurowings has 30 Airbus A319s with an overall average age of 12.8 years. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons 

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Utilizing the Airbus A319

The airline will be using its Airbus A319s to fly passengers to these northern destinations. The smaller member of the A320 family, the Eurowings A319, is configured to accommodate around 150 passengers.

The airline actually has three seating configurations, according to On the more spacious end is a 144-seat configuration, which moves up to 150 and 156. This is presumably due to the number of “More Legroom” seats available at the front of the plane. Regardless of configuration, all seats are essentially the same, although passengers booking a “Bizclass” ticket will find that the middle seat has been blocked in their row. This is fairly standard practice with short-haul European flights.

Do any of these new services seem appealing to you? Or have you visited any of these northern regions yourself? Let us know in the comments.