EVA Air Launches New Business Class on Their 787’s

Taipei carrier, EVA Air, have released details of a stunning new business class which will be available on its forthcoming 787s. The new design will break away from their typical herringbone arrangement, and will bring more amenities, more comfort and, to be frank, it’s flipping gorgeous.

eva air business class cabin
Seriously, how stunning is that for an aircraft cabin?

EVA Air operates right now with 34 Boeing 777-300ERs but are moving into the Dreamliner market with an outstanding order from Boeing of 24 787s. With the first planes due for delivery next month, the carrier has demanded four 787-9s and 20 787-10s, all to be delivered by 2022.

The new EVA Air 787 business class product is planned for installation on all these craft. Let’s take a sneak peek and see what we can look forward to when they start running routes with their new aircraft.

What can we expect from the new EVA Air 787 business class?

According to the airline, we’re expecting to see 26 business class seats on each 787. These will offer a 76” lie flat bed and a copious 23” of width. The economy class looks pretty awesome too, with seats designed by RECARO and 12” display monitors.

EVA economy
EVA’s 787 economy offering is pretty good too, with seats designed by RECARO

In terms of the EVA Air 787 business class seat, from the released images it looks like they’re moving to a Vantage XL style seat. These are what you tend to see on Qantas business class, and is a step away from the traditional reverse herringbone you usually see on their 777 business class product.

EVA business class seat
It’s the Vantage XL but with some pretty distinctive touches

EVA have said that their new business class seats are equipped with privacy panels and generous built in storage cabinets. The entertainment is provided with an 18” high definition touchscreen display, and top of the range noise cancelling headphones are provided as standard.

They’ve also built in extra large fold out tables for work or eating and have provided a wealth of modern home comforts including USB ports for charging as well as for streaming to the screen from your device.

EVA business class 787
Plenty of room to store all your stuff…

Their business class amenities, codenamed ‘Royal Laurel’, have traditionally been top notch. Little touches such as vintage champagne, free PJs and brilliant amenity kits have made this airline a great trans pacific carrier for many years now, and we expect to see this high standard carried through to their new 787 business class too.

But let’s talk about that design, right?

There’s no doubt, the images EVA Air have released of their business class seats are pretty enticing. The design is eye catching, with interesting choices of colours and a refined aesthetic which is hard to find in many cabins. There’s good reason for this too.

For the design of the EVA Air 787 business class seat, the carrier chose to work with Designworks. These guys are part of the BMW Group, and usually spend their time creating luxurious interiors for high end German vehicles.

EVA business class
Those seats wouldn’t be out of place in an M6

It’s easy to see the influence Designworks have had on the interior to the new EVA Air 787 business class. Their use of colour, style and bespoke tailoring has created something which is a world away from conventional aircraft design.

The design director for Designworks, Johannes Lampela, said of the project:

“We wanted EVA’s business class experience to be fresh and memorable for passengers and to make service, design and brand all work together. Our goal was to take a proven seat platform and make it unique to EVA. From privacy, service, interaction, stowage and amenities, we explored the holistic passenger experience.”

We’re excited about this product, as it looks like it’s going to set the bar for a more modern, design led business class across the board. Let’s hope it’s as comfortable as it looks!

EVA business class screen
We are liking the look of the space and the screen…

Where can you fly EVA Air 787 business class?

The 787 Dreamliners will begin flying with EVA Air as soon as October, with the first deliveries scheduled for October 2nd. They’ll take delivery of their 787-9’s first, and its expected these will run routes between Taipei and Hong Kong initially, followed by routes to and from Japan.

The first of the 787-10 will be delivered in the second quarter of 2019, and all 787 orders should be complete by 2022, as long as Boeing can keep up.

As more planes are added, undoubtedly more routes will be too. Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on where you can enjoy the magnificent EVA Air 787 business class seat.