Eviation Moves Closer To Flying Its All-Electric Alice Aircraft

Eviation’s Alice aircraft caused a buzz following its presentation at 2019’s Paris Air Show. Now, two years later, the all-electric plane is edging closer to its introduction following the delivery of its first magniX electric propulsion unit (EPU).

Eviation Alice
Eviation shares that magniX’s EPUs provide high amounts of redundancy and reliability along with consistent performance. Photo: Eviation

A perfect match

The partnership between Eviation and magniX is a fitting one. The pair are on the same wavelength when it comes to their mission. Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay previously shared that his company is frustrated about how long it takes to travel regionally. He feels that there are too many changes on the passenger journey, dependent on different forms of travel.

Then, earlier this month, magniX CEO Roei Ganzarski told Simple Flying that the aviation industry needs to revolutionize its way of thinking in terms of routes. Just 1.6% of trips less than 500 mi (805 km) are conducted by air, even though small, regional services make up around 50% of all flights across the globe.

magniX has been making great progress over the years, powering aircraft in flight since December 2019. Moreover, it is on course to FAA Part 33 certification next year. magniX works on EPUs for planes that can hold between six and 40 passengers for up to 500 mi. Eviation’s Alice can transport nine passengers for up to 440 NM. So, there are great prospects for the pair in the next few years.

Alice Interior
Alice is being designed with a cruise speed of 220 kts, a take-off field length of 2,600 ft, and a service ceiling of 32,000 ft. Photo: Eviation

A word from the leaders

Alice is getting ready for its first flight this year. Notably, it will soon start a vigorous flight testing and certification program.

This week, Bar-Yohay said the following about the advancements:

“The magniX delivery is one of the key milestones in getting emission free, low-cost, all-electric aviation off the ground with the first flight of Alice. After many successful flights and tests of the magniX EPUs, we’re confident the system will propel us to bringing Alice to market and delivering a sustainable, scalable mobility solution that will revolutionize passenger and cargo flights.”

Meanwhile, Ganzarski added the following:

“The Alice is the epitome of the future of air transportation. All-electric by design, taking advantage of light-weight powerful and reliable propulsion systems. Together, we will enable a great flying experience – zero emissions, quieter, lower cost, all from and to airports closer to more communities.”

Eviation magniX
Ganzarski (left) and Bar-Yohay (right) marking the handover of the unit at Eviation’s facility in Arlington, Washington. Photo: Photo: Eviation

Exciting times ahead

Eviation is looking to break away from the assumption that smaller planes lack luxury. It seeks to provide comfort with lower noise and fewer vibrations that may be felt on other aircraft. Altogether, the company bills Alice as the world’s first all-electric commuter aircraft. It adds that it is produced to make flight the “sustainable, affordable, quiet solution to regional travel.”

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The aircraft is of 95% composite material construction, and it has been planned for a 2023 introduction. It will be made available to the US and EU markets first. The electric aircraft industry is still in its infancy, but progress such as this will prove to be vital in the market’s journey this decade.

What are your thoughts about Alice? How do you think the plane will impact the aviation industry? Let us know what you think of the aircraft in the comment section.