FAA Expected To Certify 737 MAX In Coming Weeks Says Boeing

Boeing expects the 737 MAX to be recertified by the FAA in the coming weeks according to Reuters. As a result of the announcement, Boeing’s shares experienced a jump of five percent.

Southwest 737 MAX
Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest 737 MAX customer. Photo: Southwest Airlines

The Boeing 737 MAX has now been grounded for around eight months. The action was taken as a result of a second fatal accident involving a relatively new aircraft in the space of half a year. While the grounding of the aircraft was initially expected to be relatively short, it has been extended time and time again. In fact, Southwest Airlines, the type’s largest operator, is now expecting the aircraft to return to service in March of 2020. This is practically a year after it was grounded.

Why was the Boeing 737 MAX grounded?

The Boeing 737 was grounded after two of the aircraft crashed within the space of half a year. Despite being relatively new aircraft, in both accidents, there were no survivors.

The FAA was initially hesitant in grounding the Boeing 737 MAX claiming something along the lines that it hadn’t received data that the aircraft was unsafe. However, other national aviation bodies, as well as airlines, began to ground the aircraft. Before too long, only US airlines were left flying the aircraft domestically. However, President Donald Trump stepped in soon afterward, ordering that all 737 MAX aircraft be grounded.

Boeing 737 MAX takeoff
EASA expects the MAX to be back in early 2020. Photo: Boeing


The road to recertifying the Boeing 737 MAX has certainly been a long one, as the aircraft has been grounded for eight months so far. Boeing is confident that once the aircraft is recertified, it will be “one of the safest aircraft ever to fly”.

Boeing is targeting the recertification of the 737 MAX by the end of the year. In other words, within the next seven weeks. Receiving this, Boeing says, would allow to company to resume deliveries in December. Currently, Boeing has commandeered a car park in order to store additional 737 MAX aircraft. As a result, Boeing currently expects the 737 MAX to return to commercial service in January of 2020.

Ryanair was expecting its first 737 MAX aircraft back in April. Photo: Boeing

Boeing says that it still has five hurdles to jump before the aircraft is recertified. These are:

  • A multi-day simulator session with the FAA (this has already been ticked off).
  • A workload evaluation of pilots in the Boeing 737 MAX simulator.
  • FAA certification test flights.
  • Boeing will submit the final software to the FAA.
  • Finally, more simulator work is required.

Last week we revealed that United Airlines’ CEO will be on his company’s first 737 MAX flight, while he will let passengers change from the Boeing 737 MAX for free.

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