Could The Faroe Islands Become The Next Stopover Destination?

Atlantic Airways, the national airlines of the Faroe Islands, will start service to New York this fall. More specifically, the airline will offer flights from Vagar Floghavn, the only airport in the Faroe Islands, to New York City. What exactly does this mean for the Faroe Islands? Could the Faroe Islands become the next stopover destination?

Atlantic Airways Airbus A319
Atlantic Airways will soon connect the Faroe Islands with New York City. Photo: Atlantic Airways.

Atlantic Airways and the Faroe Islands

As reported by Simple Flying, Atlantic Airways will soon be able to realize one of its dreams. It will start offering nonstop service between the Faroe Islands and New York. At present, the airline operates a few helicopters, one Airbus A320, and two Airbus A319s, and the airline will take delivery of two Airbus A320neos this year. It will be the Airbus A320neo aircraft that it uses on its new transatlantic route.

In addition to launching service to New York, Atlantic Airways will also start service to Paris this summer. The airlines’ other destinations include Aalborg, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Bergen, Reykjavik, Palma de Mallorca, and Gran Canaria. Atlantic Airways provides service to some of the destinations year-round, while service to other destinations is seasonal.

Looking at the airline’s destinations it is very possible that some people would like to travel from their home airport to New York with a stopover on the Faroe Islands and vice versa.

Vagar Airport
Vagar Airport might get a lot busier in the near future. Photo: Wikimedia.

The Faroe Islands still offer unspoiled beauty and amazing scenery, making them a perfect tourist destination. At this time, however, it is still pretty difficult to get to the Faroe Islands as there is only very limited air service. The only other airline providing scheduled service into Vagar Airport is Scandinavian Airlines. Atlantic Airways, however, might change this in the near future.

As a matter of fact, Atlantic Airways might do the same thing Icelandair and Wow Air did.

Wow Air and Icelandair

Icelandic Icelandair and Wow Air both pioneered the stopover model. As a matter of fact, because of the two airlines, Iceland has become one of the fastest growing transatlantic markets. Additionally, Iceland as a country has seen a huge increase in tourism. Iceland would likely be a quite different country without Icelandair. Travelers between Europe and North America frequently take advantage of their stopover in Iceland and take their time to explore the island.

Icelandair Boeing 757
Icelandair provides service to 19 destinations in North America. Photo: Wikimedia.

Unfortunately, Wow Air was not able to stay in business and had to file for bankruptcy. Even though Iceland has seen a big increase in the transatlantic market, two airlines might have been too much.

Nevertheless, there is a good chance that Atlantic Airways could become the Icelandair of the Faroe Islands and, at the same time, make the Faroe Islands the next stopover destination.

What do you think? Could the Faroe Islands indeed become the next stopover destination?