FedEx Crosses Milestone With 100th Boeing 767

US logistics giant FedEx has reached a significant milestone in terms of the contents of its fleet. Specifically, yesterday saw the Memphis-based cargo carrier receive its 100th example of Boeing’s 767-300ER freighter. This represents FedEx’s second delivery of such an aircraft since the start of the month, and its sixth this year.

FedEx Boeing 767-300F
FedEx is set to receive a further 30 767s in the coming years. Photo: Boeing

A milestone delivery

Yesterday heralded the arrival of FedEx‘s 100th Boeing 767-300F. The Memphis-based logistical juggernaut is the type’s largest operator, and, therefore, the first to reach this milestone. As seen in the tweet below, the plane has a commemorative decal behind its wings.

Of course, airfreight has played an increasingly vital role in keeping the world moving since the onset of coronavirus. This is an aspect of the industry that Boeing paid tribute to when announcing the milestone delivery. Indeed, the US manufacturer highlighted FedEx’s “important work (…) to deliver critical goods and supplies all over the [world].”

According to, the aircraft bears the registration N277FE, and the name Ariella. The 767-300F is derived from the passenger-carrying 767-300ER, and entered service with UPS in 1995. Although FedEx didn’t receive its first example until 2013, it has since received an average of 13 767s a year. They have an average age of 3.6 years old.

FedEx 100th 767 Delivery Flight
N277FE’s journey from Everett to Memphis took three-and-a-half hours. Image:

The second arrival this month

As it happens, N277FE is the sixth Boeing 767-300F to arrive at FedEx this year. In fact, it isn’t even the first to join the carrier this month. That honor goes to the similarly registered N276FE. shows that Boeing ferried this aircraft from Everett on May 6th.

However, rather than flying to FedEx’s Memphis ‘SuperHub,’ Boeing instead delivered N276FE to its ‘National Hub’ in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has not flown since then, although it surely has a long logistical career ahead of it. Overall, Boeing’s data shows that FedEx has made 130 767-300F orders since 2011, meaning that 30 more will arrive in the future.

The original N277FE

Interestingly, this is not the first instance in which a FedEx aircraft has worn the registration N277FE. Indeed, reports that this also used to belong to one of its Boeing 727 freighters. This 150-seater entered service with Air Canada in June 1980.

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Air Canada Boeing 727
N277FE is seen here in its Air Canada days as C-GYND. Photo: Alain Rioux via Wikimedia Commons

After more than a decade at the Canadian flag carrier, the aircraft transferred to FedEx in June 1991. This saw its registration correspondingly altered from a Canadian one (C-GYND) to a new American one. This was none other than N277FE. It was also named Tineka.

After another two decades of cargo-carrying service, FedEx withdrew the original N277FE in July 2011, aged just over 31 years old. However, rather than scrapping the aircraft, FedEx elected to preserve it in Miami, Florida. It now serves as a training aid for the airport’s fire department and the George T Baker Technical College under the name Awesome One.

What do you make of FedEx’s latest addition to its fleet? Are its freighters a common sight in your area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!