FedEx Express Will Ship Vaccines Around Canada

The Canadian government has made an agreement with Moderna to secure the delivery of an additional 20 million doses of the potential vaccine to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. With this move, a contract has been signed with FedEx Express Canada to deliver most of the vaccines in the nation.

Fedex Aircraft
FedEx has an important job on its hands over the next few months as the world gears up to introduce the highly-anticipated vaccines. Photo: FedEx

A crucial start to the year

According to CTV News, Canada’s procurement minister, Anita Anand confirmed that FedEx Express Canada will support the physical distribution of vaccines to provincial and health authorities across Canada. The politician added that as soon there is a firm delivery date in the first quarter of 2021, there will be as much transparency as possible.

The Pfizer vaccine’s sensitivity when it comes to temperature requires its transport to be handled with extra caution by the manufacturer. Canadian armed forces have also been gearing up to help with the process.

So, with the exception of the Pfizer product, most of Canada’s vaccine distribution will be managed between FedEx and pharmaceutical outfit Innomar Strategies.

Simple Flying reached out to FedEx for comment on its vaccine shipping operations. A spokesperson for the company spoke of the firm’s efforts during this crucial time.

“As healthcare companies develop and prepare to distribute vaccines against COVID-19, we recognize that shipping COVID-19 vaccines is complex and critical work with many moving parts,” the spokesperson told Simple Flying.

“FedEx Express Canada is working closely with the Government of Canada and healthcare companies on vaccine distribution plans. We are confident in our strong relationships with our healthcare distribution customers as we work through the preparation and prioritization of these deliveries.”

FedEx Canada Border
As an experienced player in the cargo industry, FedEx already has a strong network in Canada. Photo: FedEx

The right support

The representative added that with the support of Innomar Strategies, the FedEx network is well-positioned to handle the shipments. Measures such as temperature-control solutions and real-time monitoring capabilities are combining with a dedicated healthcare team to support the storage, customs brokerage, and express transportation of vaccines and bioscience shipments across Canada and the globe.

Altogether, FedEx shares that its healthcare team is well-versed in the transportation and handling of vaccine shipments. Notably, for over ten years, the business has transported flu vaccines each flu season.

FedEx Boeing 777
FedEx has the right tools to handle the mammoth task of shipping millions of vaccines across the globe in one of the most significant health crises in modern history. Photo: Getty Images

A well-prepared unit

Moreover, FedEx has been helping out in other efforts amid the crisis. It has been working closely with the healthcare market to move other vital supplies such as vials, ventilators, syringes, and personal protective equipment.

The company highlights that it holds the largest fleet of cargo aircraft. Along with this, it has the flexibility and customized solutions to take on such a challenge. For instance, it conducts charter flights, holds refrigerator trucks and trailers, and has the warehousing, thermal blankets, and temperature-controlled containers, to help safely move temperature-sensitive shipments.

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