Fiji Airways Teases Its Stunning New Airbus A350 Cabin

Fiji Airways is about to become one of the best ways to cross the Pacific with its fleet of two new Airbus A350s. And now, fans of the carrier no longer have to imagine what the interior looks like with the latest release from Fiji Airways.

Fiji Airways
The new aircraft with a fresh coat of paint. Photo: Airbus.

What are the details?

Fiji Airways has hinted at its new fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft for the last couple of months, as it looks to bring the latest generation aircraft to complement its existing fleet of A330s. The A350 is perfect for the pacific carrier, who operates long routes between Australia and North America (with possibly the best layover in between on tropical Fiji). The carrier expects to have the first of two aircraft before the end of the year.

“Ultimately, a luxury, world-class destination, like Fiji, deserves a luxury, world-class travel experience and that’s exactly what these aircraft will deliver. For our guests, the holiday starts the moment they board the aircraft,” Mr. Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director & CEO said in a press release.

The aircraft is designed to have 33 Business class seats, each full lie-flat beds and with direct aisle access. As well as 301 Economy class seats in a 3-3-3 configuration throughout the cabin.

What does the new cabin look like?

So far the airline has only released exterior photos of the aircraft, but The Design Air has secured several renderings of what the cabin interior will look like. The interiors feature clean white lines with some turquoise highlights. Fiji Airways has said that cabin’s minimalist design will work well with the tropical sunlight and capture the feeling of being on an exclusive private jet.

The seats, in particular, are the Collins Aerospace Super Diamond for business class and the Recaro CL3710 seats for economy, “which are ranked among the most comfortable long-haul economy class seats on the market.

“Once the aircraft enter commercial service later this year, our customers will enjoy a truly world-class onboard experience, supported by the authentic Fijian hospitality of our crews,” added Mr. Viljoen.

The Fiji Airways A350 economy cabin. Photo: The Design Air / Fiji Airways

These seats are nothing new to the aviation industry, with the very popular Super Diamond in business already found onboard fellow airlines Air China, British Airways and Qatar (at least before their Qsuites are rolled out among the rest of their fleet). The seat features 78-inches of flat-bed pitch and direct aisle access.

The Super Diamond. Photo: The Design Air / Fiji Airways

The real question is whether or not Fiji Airways’ A350 will be able to compete with the new Air Tahiti Nui 787 for the battle of the Pacific.

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