Welcome Back: Fiji Airways Resumes International Flights Today

Fiji is reopening its borders to fully vaccinated travelers from selected countries on Wednesday, December 1. The first Nadi-bound flight has already taken off. FJ914 pushed back from Sydney earlier on Wednesday morning (local time) and is due to touch down in Nadi just after midday.

After a very long absence, Fiji Airways is back in the air today. Photo: Airbus

Fiji rolls out the welcome mat to fully vaccinated travelers from selected countries

In addition to Australians, fully vaccinated travelers from New Zealand, the United States, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Qatar, Germany, Spain, France, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and most Pacific island countries and territories are now good to fly to Fiji.

“After almost two years of no tourism, we cannot wait to welcome back international travellers from 1st December and greet them with our famous Fijian hospitality,” says Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO Andre Viljoen. “We have been working hard since March last year to prepare for this moment and ensure our guests have the safest and most enjoyable travel experience possible.”

Fiji is sticking with its reopening plan despite Omicron concerns. Fiji Airways says it is working closely with the Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services to monitor and minimise the risk of the variant.

“We’re monitoring the Omicron variant closely,” says Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services Dr James Fong.

“The process of risk assessment for our red list and Travel Partner Countries was developed with the knowledge that new variants of the virus were highly likely to be detected. It analyses factors such as country vaccine coverage and rates of community transmission. We will continue to rely on that assessment process moving forward.”

Fiji Airways has flights taking off from Sydney, Melbourne, and Los Angeles over the course of the day. Photo: Fiji Airways

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Fiji Airways bets big on its Australian flights

In addition to the now-standard battery of PCR tests before departure and upon arrival, Fiji Airways is asking passengers to make a declaration at check-in about where they’ve been for the last 14 days.

Fiji Airways has an Airbus A330-200 operating Wednesday morning’s flight from Sydney. The aircraft seats 273 passengers in two cabins. Simple Flying has approached Fiji Airways regarding loads on their first flights today.

In addition to today’s morning departure, Fiji Airways has a mid-afternoon departure from Sydney scheduled using an Airbus A350-900. It is resuming flights from Melbourne later on Wednesday evening using an Airbus A330-200.

Fiji Airways isn’t shy about returning capacity to the Fiji – Australia route. From Wednesday, they’ll go double daily from Sydney and daily from Melbourne. Daily Brisbane flights will commence once Queensland allows holidaying Australians to return to the state without hotel quarantine.

The resumption of Fiji Airways flights will also see the 737 MAX return to Australian skies. After the hoopla surrounding today’s resuming flights pass, Fiji Airways will deploy the MAX 8 onto most of its Melbourne flights and the morning service out of Sydney. The A350-900 will continue to operate the afternoon departure from Sydney.

Fiji Airways is resuming also resuming flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu. Photo: Fiji Airways

US services resume as Fiji welcomes back Americans

It’s not just flights from Australia resuming. It’s still Tuesday evening on the US west coast, and a Fiji Airways A350-900 is preparing to fly FJ811 out of LAX at 23:00. The big Airbus will fly the first planeload of fully vaccinated Americans to Fiji since March 2020.

From November 30, Fiji Airways recommences daily flights from Los Angeles using A350s, five flights a week from San Francisco on its A330 aircraft, and two flights a week from Honolulu utilising a Boeing 737 MAX.

“We can finally give our American friends a big bula welcome onboard our aircraft and safely transport them to a well-deserved vacation in paradise,” says Andre Viljoen.