Finnair Now Delivers Plane Food To Your Front Door

It’s been six months since Finnair began selling its business class meals in local supermarkets. Now, with 22 stores offering its signature dishes in ready meal firm, the airline has announced a partnership with food delivery service Foodora to bring the meals right to customers’ doors.

Finnair, Finland, Vaccine Certificate
Finnair is adding meal delivery through Foodora from today. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

A ‘Taste of Finnair’ without leaving home

Six months ago, Finnair began selling its business class meals in supermarkets in a bid to bring in extra revenue and give grounded fliers a taste of the skies once again. Piloted in K-Citymarket Tammisto in Vantaa, the initiative quickly spread to other K-Citymarket locations.

Today, the K Group stores offering a ‘Taste of Finnair’ products are spread across five cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Järvenpää. 22 branches of the supermarket now stock the hand-prepared Finnair ready meals.

Now lovers of Finnair’s inflight cuisine can also enjoy home-delivered ready meals, courtesy of a new partnership with Foodora. The online food delivery service has today begun delivering meals to customers in the Helsinki area, alongside the wide offering from the K-Group.

Taste of finnair home delivery
Finnair fans can get their meals home delivered by Foodora. Photo: Finnair

Marika Nieminen, VP Finnair Kitchen, commented on the initiative, saying,

“This new cooperation with Foodora online food service makes Taste of Finnair available for a large number of new customers. When so many people are dreaming of future travel, we want to offer a small Finnair experience at home.

“Taste of Finnair was born from the desire to develop Finnair business and offer employment to our people during the COVID-19. I’m happy to say that we have managed to make it a permanent part of our operations. We will continue to develop both the products and the wider selection.”

Currently, the Foodora-supplied meals are available from its online webstore Foodora Market in the Helsinki area. The K-Group stores are also still selling its meals, along with its signature juice.

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What can you order?

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Helsinki area, Foodora will bring the same delicious dishes to your door that you can buy in the supermarkets. There is currently a choice of one appetizer and three main meals to try.

For the appetizer, the dish is glow-fried salmon with horseradish sauce and pickled vegetables. The airline recommends it is enjoyed with a classic tangy Sancerre from the Loire Valley, or a rich Sauvignon Blanc to complement the glow-fried salmon.

Taste of finnair meals
Finnair’s meals arrive ready prepared to be heated at home. Photo: Finnair

For the main, there is a choice of three dishes. The first is reindeer meatballs with dark blackcurrant sauce and a roasted root vegetable puree. The reindeer meat is all sourced from Finland, making this a wonderfully local dish.

The next choice is beef breast with dark truffle sauce. The beef is similarly sourced from Finland, and is complemented with a potato and artichoke mash. The airline recommends a dark, intense wine from the Bordeaux region to pair with this dish.

The final option is a smoked Benella Rainbow trout with a leek and potato puree and beurre blanc sauce. As you might expect, the trout is sourced from local farmland in Finland.

The airline notes its focus on local produce as a means of taking sustainability into consideration. It only uses fish that are MSC or ASC certified, and cage-free eggs in its dishes. The starter is contained in recycled PET plastic, suitable to be recycled again, while the mains are packed in Finnish cardboard and sealed with a recycled PET lid.

Will you be getting a Taste Of Finnair at home soon? Have you tried it already? Let us know in the comments.