Finnair Signs New Sustainable Aviation Fuel Partnership

Yesterday, Finnair proudly announced a new agreement with sustainable aviation fuel specialist Neste. The flag carrier of Finland will use the partnership to help it reach environmental targets by using Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel. This is a type of fuel made from renewable waste and residues, which can help cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil fuels.

Finnair is serious about reducing its carbon footprint. Photo: Getty Images

Long-term plan

While electric commercial aircraft projects are still in their infancy, airlines are increasingly looking at sustainable jet fuel technology to help reduce emissions.

As part of a press release, Finnair CEO Topi Manner spoke about how the relationship with Neste will help his firm reach carbon-neutral goals. Altogether, this initiative is part of a wider plan to reach higher levels of sustainability.

“We are excited about increasing the use of sustainable aviation fuel in our operations from our Helsinki hub,” he said.

“Sustainable aviation fuels are a key part of our long-term plan for carbon neutrality – by the end of 2025, we expect to spend some 10 million euros annually on sustainable aviation fuels. Developing a healthy SAF market requires commitment from forerunners, and we are happy to be leading the way with Neste.”

Finnair Flight
The airline is investing heavily in sustainable fuels. Photo: Finnair

Further reductions

Meanwhile, Neste president and CEO Peter Vanacker is equally as delighted with the alliance. He affirms that the fight to reduce emissions within the airline industry requires cooperation between institutions.

He shares that the collaboration with Finnair offers his company the chance to reach its own environmental targets. Namely, the CO2 emissions of the firm’s employees’ business travel will be reduced via travel with Finnair.

With the move, Finnair will offer integrated ticket solutions that will include a sustainable aviation fuel option later this year. The Nordic airline will also match the contributions that its passengers make to sustainable fuel with its own purchases. Additionally, it will use the fuel to decrease the carbon footprint of its own staff duty travel.

It’s not only Finnair that is looking to reduce its CO2 footprint. Finnish airport operator Finavia is also working with the carrier and Neste to evaluate on strategy for corporate customers to reduce their footprint.

Finnair recognizes that collaboration is key when it comes to reaching sustainability targets. Photo: Getty

On the right track

Altogether, Finnair is building on a successful year with a new initiative that will help it maintain its growing presence during the decade ahead. Operators are increasingly becoming under pressure to offer sustainable services. However, there are now options such as Neste for airlines to help them reduce emissions.

Nonetheless, this seems to be only the beginning as Finnair has also joined with SAS and nine other partners to speed up the development of electric aircraft. By the time this decade is over, we should see a much more sustainable approach across the whole aviation industry. 

Simple Flying reached out to Finnair for comment on the new initiative. We will update the article with any further information.

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