Finnair Set To Fly To Chicago All Year And Up Stockholm Network

Finnair is set to operate year-round flights on its route to Chicago. The airline typically only operates the route in the summer season, though it will now also operate during the winter season. The airline is also set to increase its North American network from Helsinki’s neighboring capital, Stockholm.

Finnair, North America, Stockholm
Finnair is looking to increase its services to North America. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Finnair’s international recovery is undoubtedly gathering pace. The airline is not only upping its services both east and west, but it is also adding bases in other Scandinavian countries and launching new routes from Helsinki. Here’s what’s set to change!

Starting with Helsinki

Let’s start our adventure around Finnair’s network update in its home, Helsinki. Finnair currently serves New York daily and three times a week flights to Miami and Los Angeles. The airline also flies seasonally to Chicago. This, however, is soon to change as Finnair revealed the route from the windy city to Helsinki wouldn’t cease to operate in October, becoming a year-round connection.

The airline is also venturing east from its Helsinki stronghold. The airline is looking to launch a connection to Dubai with its widebody aircraft, meaning either the Airbus A330-300 or its flagship aircraft, the A350-900.

Finnair, North America, Stockholm
The airline will launch a widebody service to Dubai from Helsinki. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The airline is also looking hard at its short-haul European network to feed its long-haul connections. The airline is upping its capacity with double daily services to Amsterdam, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, and Frankfurt, alongside triple-daily services to London and Paris. Krakow and Gdansk will both see new services, while Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, and the Canary Islands will also see increased frequencies.

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What about Stockholm?

It seems odd for an airline calling itself Finnair (after Finland) to operate out of the capital city of Sweden. After all, you wouldn’t expect Lufthansa to fly from London. This is exactly what is happening, though. Earlier this summer, Simple Flying reported that Finnair was to launch routes from Stockholm to Miami, Phuket, and Bangkok. The airline aimed to cater more efficiently to passengers flying to these destinations via Helsinki.

Finnair, North America, Stockholm
The airline’s North American plans (new routes in red). Photo: Cirium

The airline has now revealed that it will be adding even more transatlantic voyages from its new secondary hub in Stockholm. The airline is now looking to operate flights from The Swedish capital city to both New York and Los Angeles.

Commenting on the expansion, Finnair’s Chief Commerical Officer, Ole Orvér, said,

“We are excited to be able to expand the breadth and depth of our network, enabling better connections for customers as travel continues to pick up. We are also re-introducing services to support a smooth and convenient travel experience. We opened our Schengen lounge already in August, and Finnair’s Non-Schengen Lounge at Helsinki airport will open in early October.”

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