Finnair Unbundles Business Class Fares

From March 31st, Finnair passengers can choose a new fare when traveling with the airline. The flag carrier of Finland is introducing Business Light, which is a lower-priced business class ticket without some of the perks in the all-encompassing offering.

Finnair has introduced a new initiative with its business class. Photo: Getty Images

What’s on offer?

Executive Traveller reports that this new fare will allow passengers to fly in style, but with some omissions. The most noticeable variation is that there is a massive difference in the baggage policy. In fact, this fare will not cover any checked-in bags.

For most, only carry-on bags will be allowed under the fare, of which Finnair allows two. Furthermore, customers will earn 150 percent elite miles. This is less than the 200-250 percent elite miles offered with other Finnair fares. However, most of the other luxuries will be able to still be enjoyed such as gourmet cuisine, beverages, and lounge access.

Finnair business class food
Passengers will be able to enjoy the same food and drink as standard business class passengers. Photo: Finnair

Additionally, one of the most important points to note is the fact that there is a key restriction when it comes to Business Light. Changes won’t be allowed to be made and the fee won’t be refundable if a passenger can’t make the flight. Therefore, fliers that are not completely certain about their travel plans may wish to opt for another fare when booking.

“Those travellers who value flexibility, for example when traveling for work, might want to consider the Business Classic or Business Flex product,” Finnair said, as reported by Executive Traveller.

Further amendments

However, there will also be some minor restrictions in place on these other fare types. From tomorrow, those purchasing Business Classic and Business Flex will have less baggage allowance when checking in. Currently, Finnair allows passengers to check-in three 32 kg bags with these fares. However, this allowance will be reduced to only two 32 kg bags.

Finnair business class
With two 8kg bag allowance in the cabin, plenty of travelers will be suited to Business Light. Photo: Finnair

One Mile At A Time reports that Business Light will be valid on flights within Europe as well as services between the continent and Asia. The tickets will be valid for flights as of this fall. Passengers on transatlantic operations won’t be able to try out the initiative as the firm is part of oneworld’s transatlantic joint venture.

Offering an alternative

Altogether, this introduction could work out for Finnair amid a change in industry climate. Moreover, the company isn’t the first carrier to launch a fare like this. Last year, Emirates introduced a special fare that is limited to specific routes and based on seasonal trends.

The price of the Dubai outfit’s fare is 15 percent lower than the airline’s standard Business Saver ticket. However, it doesn’t include lounge access, advance seat-selection or chauffeur drive. There are also not as many miles to be collected.

Simple Flying reached out to Finnair for more information about its Business Light fare but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further information.

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