First United 777 With New Livery Takes Inaugural Flight

United Airlines’ livery overhaul is moving forward at quite a pace. Since the livery was officially announced back in April, aircraft of all shapes and sizes have been spotted wearing the new colors. Today, the first Boeing 777 for the airline has been seen with the new livery all finished: a brand new aircraft due to be delivered to United in around half an hour.

United new livery
The latest plane to get the United makeover is a brand new Boeing 777 (pictured is a 767 tail). Photo: United

New plane, new look

We’ve been watching with excitement as each new United Airlines aircraft appears sporting that stunning new livery. Today, United are receiving their very first Boeing 777 sporting the new look. Registration N2749U is being delivered, brand new, to United Airlines later today, as first reported by stalwart spotter Katie Bailey.

N2749U is not any old Boeing 777. This is a brand new, fresh out of the factory Boeing 777 which will be delivered to United Airlines later today. The delivery flight is scheduled to take place in around 30 minutes, flying from Everett to San Francisco as flight number UA2706.

While it’s not a huge stretch away from the original livery, the subtle changes are enough to bring it bang up to date. Gone is the trademark gold, something leftover from the days of the United-Continental merger, and the blue has taken on a deeper, more opulent hue.

The new livery is rolling out

The first widebody to be painted with the new livery was a Boeing 767-300ER, which was revealed to the world last month. N767UA was put onto routes between the US and Sao Paulo, although there have been some spots in other locations too.

And it’s not just the big planes that have been getting a makeover either. Earlier today, a United Express ERJ was spotted flying the new look, and while it looks pretty nice, we don’t think it’s a patch on the way it looks on the widebodies.

There have been a number of United Airlines’ brand new Dreamliners in construction at North Charleston which have been getting the new look livery. However, this is the first 777 to be seen sporting the new colors, and we have to say, it really suits the big plane.

One aircraft model that has not yet been spotted in the new livery, however, is the old faithful Boeing 757. With United’s recent order of the A321XLR, the days for these classic aircraft are very much numbered. With retirement approaching in just a few years, you have to wonder whether they’ll be getting the new look at all.


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High Mile Club

I’ve seen two 757s with the new livery, both of which have a mural of New York and Chicago painted on the sides. I see them frequently at IAD.

United Is My Chauffeur

You meant to say New York and San Francisco. I think they will repaint all 757’s since the first XLR isnt due on property until 2024. I believe the 757 will be in service for atleast 6 more years, way too long to be sporting the old livery.


Have flown many many airlines over the years. United is the second worst only slightly ahead of Garuda. Dont care what they look like wiuld not take a present of a free ticket

Farhan Nazar

Willing to bet that your experience with both airlines is about a decade old by this point since almost every one these days agree that the flying experience on both are great.


My last experience in United was 5 years ago. Was my last time to ever fly with them. Garuda was about 20 years ago. Would never set foot on one of their planes again

Farhan Nazar

And that my friend is the kind of attitude you shouldn’t have in today’s aviation world.

Also you’re not going to give Garuda a chance even after 20 years? Yessh, apparently they change but you don’t Lol.


Well, I recently flew businessclass Garuda twice from Asia to Europe, and there’s no reason in the world that I can come up with that would justify their 5 star Skytrax status.
Poor service, not enough pitch to stretch out, nothing special about the experience

Brody Cyr

UAL (United Airlines Lines) is pretty good if you ask me. They’ve always treated me well on flights and their seats (even on the small ERJ145) are still pretty good.

Peter Gibbons

You must be joking . They are wonderful now they have joined up with continental. One of the best American airlines now


Bring back the old livery. Thx.

Brody Cyr

If you’re talking the pre-merger “Tulip” livery or orange and red retro livery sure, but if I’m honest the United/Continental golden globe livery didnt look the best on some planes but it did look good on the 787s and 737MAXs.

Buddy brady

Bring back the tulip! Please!


I hope they upgrade the equipment on EWK-PEK (UA088/089). An old 777-200. The interior is cracked plastic and chipped paint. UA could do better on this route.


I would love to see the old proud bird with a golden tail livery Continental used to sport; those were beautiful planes.