Flair Airlines Debuts New Uniforms

Flair has been on a hot streak of announcing new routes and services across Canada and even to the United States. This network expansion has been made possible with the carrier’s fleet expansion, welcoming new Boeing 737 MAX jets. But this week, Flair’s making news for a different reason: New uniforms. Let’s take a look at what the airline’s crews will be wearing.

Flair Airlines 737 MAX
2021 has been a big year for Flair, mainly with its fleet and network. Now, uniforms will be included in the airline’s transformation. Photo: Flair Airlines

A refreshed look

Today Flair Airlines revealed the new look for its cabin crew, designed by the entire Flair Flight Attendant team.

“Flair is moving forward, as a brand and as a company,” said Cody Klassen, a flight attendant for the carrier. “That means bringing the uniforms forward as well. We wanted to be more inclusive with our style, so everything is gender fluid. Our crew can choose whichever pieces they feel most comfortable putting on their body.”

Shannon Towler, another Flair flight attendant, says that the uniforms reflect the brand: plain and simple, but a little bit edgy and out of the box—now that’s exciting. Not stuffy, no nylons, just super fresh.”

Without further delay, here is what the airline’s new uniforms will look like. You can judge for yourself whether or not the flight attendants’ descriptions match the photos:

Flair uniform reveal
The cabin crew uniform is a way of representing the brand and spirit of an airline.  Photo: Flair Airlines
Flair uniform reveal
Women will have the choice of dress or suit jacket and trousers. Photo: Flair Airlines

In case you were wondering what the airline’s uniforms looked like before, below is an embedded Twitter post that shows the old look. These uniforms appear to be all black suits and dresses, accented by bright green pocket squares, neckerchiefs, and lanyards.

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Proper unveiling at 36,000 feet

No stranger to modeling outfits herself, Canadian tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is the VIP selected to host an inflight fashion show taking place today. Joined by airline CEO Stephen Jones, the flight from Toronto to Montréal will be an in-person reveal of the uniforms.

“I’m thrilled to be part of an event that involves a true-to-themselves brand that walks the walk and cares about Canadians…The company and crew are great people and allowing fans to be part of this special surprise makes it even better!” -Eugenie Bouchard

Flair uniform reveal
Photo: Flair Airlines

Win or fail?

Since this website is not typically a place for fashion reviews, we might not have the authority to judge the success of this new look. At the same time, our team has had its fair share of travel experiences and interacting with cabin crew from various airlines.

The airline’s uniforms certainly don’t stand out as all that flashy, edgy, or out-of-the-box. Indeed, this new look appears to be quite in line with most airline uniforms: clean and professional. For something edgy and out-of-the-box, we refer you to Icelandic airline Play and its uniforms, featured below.

Play, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, First Flight
Play’s uniforms are a bright red with white sneakers. Photo: Berlin Brandenburg Airport

For Flair, the switch from black to grey is a nice touch. In addition to hiding dust or powder a little better than black, dark grey is a little more modern. Meanwhile, the switch from green to purple as the accent color is a nice touch, which still goes with the airline’s other green branding (including their aircraft). So, for what it’s worth, we’d say the uniforms are a win.

What do you think of Flair’s new uniforms? Let us know by leaving a comment.