Flair Airlines Adds 4 New Cities To Its Route Network

As parts of Canada continue to cautiously reopen, budget carrier Flair Airlines is announcing brand new service to the Canadian cities of Prince George, Fort McMurray, Regina, and Saskatoon. The airline will also re-establish service to Victoria on the West Coast.

Flair Airlines
Flair Airlines is the newest player in the Canadian aviation scene. Photo: Flair Airlines

“We continuously receive requests from our passengers to service these communities…Many of these areas are experiencing reduced accessibility, and we know that Canadians need affordable air fares now more than ever. We are committed to supporting these communities across the country as they safely reopen to travel.” -Jim Scott, CEO, Flair Airlines

The new routes from Flair Airlines

As is typical of a smaller airline, frequencies appear to be on the lower side. It looks like many of the airline’s services will be twice weekly. The big exception is service between Vancouver and Victoria, which takes place six times weekly. The routes and days of the week are listed in the chart below:

Flair Schedule S2020
The airline’s schedule is slowly being rebuilt, with many provinces reopening more. Photo: Flair Airlines

It looks like Vancouver, with eight destinations, is benefitting most from Flair’s last schedule update. Toronto is close behind with six cities.

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Not necessarily non-stop services

Making the most efficient use of its small fleet, while trying to serve a vast country, Flair Airlines will operates many of these services as part of, or with, stops at other destinations.

For example, we traveled as a guest of the airline in late June and found that the Vancouver to Calgary service was part of a more extensive Vancouver-Toronto route. While this allows the airline to take travelers from both Vancouver and Calgary to Toronto with one aircraft, it does mean that those traveling from an earlier city (Vancouver in this case), must endure a brief stopover. This will likely require deplaning as the aircraft is sanitized for new guests.

Some routes may have a quick stopover, which may result in an additional hour or two when compared to a direct non-stop journey. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple Flying

We asked Flair Airlines about this and they pointed us to their route map, which confirms that longer services – like Vancouver-Toronto will have a stop along the way. In fact, anything city in British Columbia with a scheduled service to Toronto will require a stop in either Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

Taking health and safety seriously

“As Flair continues to lead the way with affordable options, safety remains their highest priority,” the airline said.

As such, passengers flying with Flair can expect the following:

  • A visual mask check,
  • The requirement to answer a health check questionnaire,
  • A required temperature scan prior to boarding the aircraft.

As has become the industry standard, HEPA filters will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. These filters remove 99.99% of particles, including viruses, and circulate fresh air into the cabins every two to three minutes.

Flair Airlines calgary
Flair Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier that has many parts of the flight experience unbundled. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple Flying

The airline concludes by saying, “As the country begins to reopen and travel demand increases, Flair is here to provide Canadians with affordable, friendly, dependable, and safe air travel.”

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