Airbus A220 Airline Startup Fly Coral Way Eyes Impressive Route Network

Aiming to launch its first flights on June 14th, Tahitian start-up airline Fly Coral Way has been working hard to make sure everything is ready for the big day. Utilizing the Airbus A220, the carrier will offer service across the islands of the South Pacific. Let’s take a look at Fly Coral Way’s impressive route network.

The new airline will likely fly the Airbus A220. Photo: Fly Coral Way

“…We will complete a transport offer without competing with either Air Tahiti or Air Tahiti Nui. Indeed, we will create regional flows that do not exist today to the Tahiti-Faa’a platform by positioning our single-aisle Airbus in addition to the 787 ATN and Air Tahiti’s ATR, which will also allow us to work in harmony with the Tahiti-Faa’a airport…” Olivier Bôle, Fly Coral Way via Tahiti Infos

Routes and frequencies of Fly Coral Way

As reported in a previous Simple Flying article, decent air connectivity has always been an issue across the islands of Polynesia. Although there are several airlines in the region, most are small and lack a solid network beyond their home islands. The absence of decent connectivity has long hindered tourism and trade and is something Fly Coral Way hopes to solve.

Airports served are:

  • Faa’a International Airport, also known as Tahiti International Airport (PPT)
  • Hihifo Airport on the island of Wallis (WLS)
  • Faleolo International Airport, serving the Samoan capital of Apia (APW)
  • Nadi International Airport in Fiji (NAN)
  • La Tontouta International Airport, also known as Nouméa (NOU)
Stretching from Papeete to Noumea, the airline’s network covers over 2,500 nautical miles. Source: Fly Coral Way

Here are the routes the airline will fly and the airline’s stated frequencies “per year”:

  • Papeete-Wallis-Apia: 104 flights per year
  • Papeete-Nandi: 126 flights per year
  • Nandi-Wallis: 178 flights per year
  • Wallis-Noumea: 200 flights per year

Filling gaps in demand

According to an interview with Tahiti Infos, Fly Coral Way’s Olivier Bôle says that the routes selected will fill demand from groups that have long been looking for these connections, saying that Samoa has wanted a link with Polynesia for several years. Additionally, Bôle says that the country is “very attached to the regional integration of Polynesia and to the intensification of air connectivity with other countries in the region.”

Airbus A220 Airline Startup Fly Coral Way Eyes Impressive Route Network
A visualization of what a Fly Coral Way Airbus A220 interior will look like. Photo: Fly Coral Way

The airline is in the process of structuring its team and plans to recruit 95 employees. Much of this recruiting will take place in the first quarter of 2021, made possible through private financing commitments. The airline is also in discussions with Wallis and Futuna and the French Polynesian government to obtain financial support.

The new airline is eyeing either Airbus A220-100 or Embraer E190-E2 aircraft- regional jets that are perfect for mid-range island hopping. The two options are listed on their website, with neither having been officially selected yet. However, most of the airline’s mock-ups have utilized the A220.

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