Polynesian Startup FLY CORALway Delays Its Launch

Starting a new airline at present is a more difficult task than normal. Unpredictable fluctuations in demand and ongoing concerns about the present global health crisis are making it a tall order for executives of such startups to project the short-term success of their new companies. Such concerns have led Polynesian carrier FLY CORALway to postpone its launch.

Polynesian Startup FLY CORALway Delays Its Launch
In light of the circumstances, FLY CORALway has been forced to postpone its launch. Photo: Fly CORALway

Postponed to Q4 of 2021

Last week, reports emerged that the proposed French Polynesian startup known as FLY CORALway will be delaying its upcoming launch. The new airline now expects to take to the skies above the South Pacific Ocean in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Simple Flying reported earlier this year that the carrier’s intended launch date had been June 14th. However, commercial aviation remains an unpredictable market, particularly for new startups. As such, the carrier has elected to wait a little longer. According to tourmag.com, its President and co-founder Olivier Bôle stated that:

In the current context and the intensification of restrictions and constraints, our launch is rescheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.”

FLY CORALway plans to offer increased connectivity between the Pacific Islands. Image: FLY CORALway

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Where will the airline fly?

As shown in the map above, FLY CORALway will look to specialize in inter-island hops throughout the South Pacific Ocean. Tourmag.com reports that it will develop this network from regional hubs at its eastern and western extremities. These will be:

  • Nouméa La Tontouta International Airport (NOU), New Caledonia.
  • Tahiti Faa’a International Airport (PPT), French Polynesia.

The airline also plans to have a significant presence at Hihifo Airport (WLS) in Wallis and Futuna. This is because its other co-founder, Louis Alphonse, hails from this territory. FLY CORALway’s presence will greatly increase connectivity for Wallisian passengers. At present, Hihifo is only served by Aircalin, which flies to just three destinations from Wallis Island.

FLY CORALway Interior
Both classes of travel onboard FLY CORALway will be rooted in local identity. Photo: FLY CORALway

Classes of travel honor local heritage

A quick look at FLY CORALway’s website tells you that the airline is very proud of where it comes from. Multiple aspects of its proposed setup will pay homage to the Pacific Islands’ rich cultural identity. This is perhaps most conspicuous when one examines its classes of travel.

Business class onboard FLY CORALway is set to be known as Maruata Class. This is a Polynesian word meaning “softness of the celestial cloud.” Meanwhile, economy class passengers will find themselves in A To’Aora Class. This phrase signifies “active life in coral.”

With this two-class offering, FLY CORALway will cater to a diverse inter-island market of both business and leisure travelers. The fact that each class is a nod to the region’s local heritage is a nice touch that will surely win admiration among customers. For now, they await the postponed launch in Q4, but it looks as if they wait may be well worth it.

The airline was initially expected to operate an Airbus A220 fleet but is now poised to opt for the Airbus A320.

What do you make of FLY CORALway’s decision to postpone its launch? Do you think the revised target of the fourth quarter of is a realistic one? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments!