Fly Jamaica 757 Flight Bound For Toronto Crashes In Guyana

A Boeing 757 has crashed en route to Toronto in Guyana. The Fly Jamacia flight was only 20 minutes into its flight when the pilot decided to return back to the airport for technical issues and was unable to stop the plane upon landing.

Airline spokesperson Carl Bowen said the pilot reported a hydraulic failure emergency shortly after its departure from Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

The same sequence of events seemed to happen with Lion Air Boeing 737 only a few weeks ago, in which the pilot tried to return to the airport after reporting errors.

Fortunately, most of the 128 passengers and crew on board walked away with minor injuries. Details are still a bit unclear, with 6-10 passengers being flown to hospital for assessment (Officials are examining five people for possible spinal injuries and several others for other medical issues, such as high blood pressure).

Fly Jamaica
The route map of the plane. It did not get very far before returning.

What happened?

Problems first arose before the plane left the airport. According to passengers, the plane was delayed around 45 minutes as maintenance crews worked on the jammed open primary door.

The plane was given the all clear and they took off.

However, approx. 10 minutes into the flight the pilot crew noticed something was amiss with the hydraulic system (perhaps pertaining to the wheels) and decided to return to the airport. Upon landing, the experienced a brake failure and were not successful in stopping the plane.

Fly Jamaica
The plane after the crash in daylight. Notice only one wing remains.

The plane continued off the runway, plowing into a special spike stripe that punctured the tires and turned the plane to the right. This caused the right wing to clip the ground and snap off and the plane to come to a stop in a sandbank.

After the crash, the passengers and crew immediately evacuated the aircraft. The plane had come to a stop on a ledge of 9-12 meters.

plane crash
The plane came to a rest on top of a hill.

It then burst into flames and had to be controlled by the airport fire crew.

Who is Fly Jamaica?

Fly Jamaica is a smaller airline with four routes connecting Jamacia, Toronto, New York and Guyana. They ‘had’ two planes, but unfortunately, this incident has reduced their fleet by 50%. Their other plane is a Boeing 767-300.

Fly Jamaica
The Fly Jamaica plane before the crash in flight.

Their motto is “One Team, One Dream”.

What caused the crash?

At this time, it is unclear as to what caused the crash, but we can be thankful that it was just some rattled passengers and no fatalities.

The airline spokesperson said they’re making “alternative arrangements” to fly out the rest of the passengers. Government officials said the airline has made provisions for passengers to be transported to their homes or hotels.

The airport has since reopened, but I would not blame any of the passengers if they chose to take a ferry instead.