Kazakhstan’s Low Cost Carrier FlyArystan To Open A Second Base

FlyArystan, a low-cost carrier in Kazakhstan has announced plans to open a second base. Located in the city of Karaganda, the airline intends to place an Airbus A320 there next year. Later on, a second A320 will follow to help the low-cost carrier expand their reach from the airport. This is an impressive development for a carrier that only commenced operations in 2019.

Low-cost carrier FlyArystan will establish a second base in 2020. Photo: FlyArystan

The second base

FlyArystan announced the opening of the second base via social media:

FlyArystan sees great potential from this airport. With a 93% load factor on flights between Almaty and Karaganda, there seems to be a fair number of passengers who want to fly to and from the Karaganda area. With two A320 aircraft, FlyArystan intends to reach 10-12 destinations across both international and domestic routes from the city.

Karaganda Airport Location
The location of Karaganda in Kazakhstan. Photo: Great Circle Mapper

Karaganda is served by the Sary-Arka Airport with code KGF. Karaganda is the fourth largest city in Kazakhstan per the Astana Times.

FlyArystan’s growth

After commencing operations earlier this year, this represents a major step forward for the Central Asian carrier. Although still small, FlyArystan receives backing from their parent airline. Air Astana, Kazakhstan’s flag-carrier, fully owns FlyArystan. In fact, their first two Airbus A320s came from Air Astana.

Two of FlyArystans A320s came from Air Astana. Photo: FlyArystan

Why does Kazakhstan need a low-cost carrier?

Air Astana, in a way, is going on the defensive with FlyArystan. Low-cost carriers from Europe and the Middle East have made their presence known in Kazakhstan. Now, Air Astana is seeking a way to combat that growth. In addition, the carrier is also widening its reach by appealing to price-sensitive travelers without having to significantly adjust its own full-service profile.

Kazakhstan’s Low Cost Carrier FlyArystan To Open A Second Base
FlyArystan offers slimline seats on their A320s- a hallmark of low-cost carriers. Photo: FlyArystan

Central Asia is also an often overlooked sphere in aviation. Many countries in the region are not well known. Furthermore, there is not as much of a tourist market for Central Asia as there is in more developed countries. That being said, affordable transportation to and from the region can definitely help drive tourist numbers up. It is unclear how big of an impact FlyArystan has had, or will have, on these numbers. However, it is certainly a technique Air Astana can use to drive up passenger numbers.

FlyArystan A320
FlyArystan is one of Air Astana’s defensive techniques against the rise of foreign low-cost carriers. Photo: FlyArystan


Announcing a new base in the first year of operations usually indicates a successful initial operation. The start-up carrier seems to be doing well for itself out of Karaganda. Hopefully, through FlyArystan, additional air connectivity can come to Kazakhstan. Whether or not the venture discourages foreign low-cost carriers from entering the market is unclear.

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