Ex-Flybe Aircraft Lifts Loganair Embraer Off The Ground In Collision

At Aberdeen Airport (ABZ) in Scotland, a ground collision occurred between an ex-Flybe aircraft and a Loganair Embraer jet, lifting the Embraer aircraft off the ground. The accident happened on the evening of June 16th as the ex-Flybe aircraft was being prepared for departure. There were no reported injuries to customers or crew.

One of the aircraft involved in the incident was an ex-Flybe plane. Photo: Getty Images

The incident

Just before 18:00 local time in Aberdeen, a collision occurred between an ex-Flybe Bombardier Q400 aircraft and a Loganair Embraer 145 jet.

A Loganair spokesperson explained the following to Simple Flying,

Just before 6pm this evening a Loganair Embraer 145 regional jet, parked with no passengers or crew members aboard, was hit by a former Flybe Bombardier Q400 aircraft, which we understand was being prepared for departure after being stored at Aberdeen Airport. The nose of the Q400 impacted the rear port side of the Embraer, becoming lodged underneath and lifting the right main gear off the ground. The most important thing is that no-one was injured in the incident, with the crew working on the ex-Flybe aircraft being safe and well, yet understandably shaken by the occurrence.The airport’s fire services were in attendance and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been notified. A recovery operation for the aircraft is already in hand. We do not expect that this unfortunate occurrence will lead to any disruption to customers on Loganair flights from Aberdeen as we have standby aircraft available to fulfil our schedule.

Both aircraft will need to be inspected before returning to passenger service. Some maintenance will likely be required to ensure the aircraft are safe for passenger operations. Thankfully there were no injuries, and a full investigation will reveal further details about what went wrong and how such an incident can be avoided in the future.

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The aircraft

The Loganair aircraft involved in the incident was delivered to bmi Regional, also known as flybmi, that went into administration in 2019. According to data from Planespotters, flybmi received the aircraft in early 2002. Loganair acquired the plane in 2019, where it has been since then. The registration of the jet is G-SAJS.

G-SAJS was the Loganair regional jet involved in the incident. Photo: Mike Burdett via Flickr

The ex-Flybe jet is a Bombardier Q400. This turboprop, per Planespotters, was first delivered to Flybe in 2006. In March of this year, Flybe entered administration. After that, the plane was impounded at ABZ. The aircraft, G-JECK, is on lease from Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).

Flybe aircraft
G-JECK was one of many Q400s Flybe operated before its collapse. Photo: Paul Evans via Flickr

Loganair and Flybe

Flybe collapsed in early March. The airline was one of the largest regional airlines in Europe. However, the airline faced plenty of financial difficulties. For a while, it appeared that Flybe had an incredibly bright future as Virgin sought to brand the carrier as its regional arm. Although, that did not turn out as planned.

Loganair is another regional airline with a significant presence in Scotland – including out of Aberdeen. In the wake of Flybe’s collapse, the airline was set to take over some of the failed carrier’s former routes.

However, times are also tough for Loganair. About 30% of Loganair’s routes fail, and the airline was reported to be seeking government support. Although, the airline did become involved with an air ambulance. In the future, some additional passengers may end up coming Loganair’s way, thanks to an interlining agreement with United Airlines.

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