Flycana – Airline Startup Of The Week

Following their 2018 rebrand, Flycana is preparing to hit the ground running in 2020 following the appointment of a new chief executive.

Flycana – Airline Startup Of The Week
Dominican Wings will rebrand as Flycana. Photo: DominicanWings

The Dominican Republic based company was founded only five years ago and are yet to launch their first chartered flight. Despite this, Flight Global reports that the airline is looking to start operations next year and to even have a fleet of 32 airplanes by the middle of the next decade.

After the shift away from their founding name of Dominican Wings, the company appointed a new chief executive in the form of Frederik Jacobsen. The airline veteran previously spearheaded two successful overhauls with his stints at Viva Air Colombia and Tampa Air Cargo, which were sold to Irelandia and Avancia respectively.

At what cost?

Last year, CH Aviation reported that the airline had transitioned to focus on budget flights. The firm also stated it had invested $60 million into its relaunch as a low-cost carrier. Jacobsen has now revealed that the initial charter airline branch will continue into the new brand.

“Flycana founder Victor Pacheco is bringing in his charter airline, Dominican Wings into the new company, which means that the recertification process to become a scheduled carrier will be quick and easy,” Jacobsen said.

According to CAPAFlycana already has a fleet of five Airbus A320s and expects to fly to 50 destinations, transporting 6.5 million passengers per year. Jacobsen is looking to achieve the company’s targets by diversifying his fleet.

Flycana – Airline Startup Of The Week
The Airbus A320 will make up Flycana’s fleet. Photo: Wikimedia

“We have to make a decision soon and of course we are evaluating all options. While Dominican Wings already has experience with the Airbus A320, the Boeing 737 Max 8 is certainly an attractive aircraft,” he said.

“I also learned to appreciate the A320 as a powerful workhorse for low-cost operations with Viva Colombia. We might want to start with used and quickly available A319s to minimize trip and capital costs during the start-up period (and) later prioritize the fuel efficiency of the A320neo or even the range of the A321LR.”

Flycana’s core network will serve destinations in North, Central and South America, with Jacobsen also setting his sights on Europe once the foundations have been laid.

New decade, new ventures

Across the Caribbean Sea from Flycana, another airline recently joined the startup club. Sky Palace Airways announced that they are looking to start operations in January next year as a charter company operating flights on behalf of other airlines. The Florida based unit is also looking to focus on a low-cost structure, which may see competition brew between the two in the 2020s.

These announcements coincide with Starlux Airlines‘ successful routing application ahead of its 2020 launch date. The Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan has given approval to the Taiwanese airline to fly to 11 Asian destinations from Taipei Taoyuan. Flycana will be hoping for similar generosity from the Dominican Republic Civil Aviation Institute as they prepare their proposed fleet of 32 to be stationed in Santo Domingo Las Americas International.

Domincan Republic Beach
Dominican Republic’s growing economy and tourism industry may help Flycana’s launch. Image: Pixabay

Ready for take off

With five other airlines operating from the Caribbean nation, Flycana will face an uphill task to stand out among already established competitors. However, with a growing GDP and an ever-present tourism appeal, Dominican Republic could be the perfect place to operate an airline startup. Jacobsen looks to ensure their growth in the market by promising “the lowest cost of any airline in the region”.