In Photos: Inside The Boeing 787 Flying Mansion Private Jet

Take a capable aircraft like the Boeing 787-8 and turn the luxury dial up to 11 and what do you have? Probably this stunning ‘Dream Jet’ private charter plane, operated by Chinese company Deerjet. While most of us will never get to fly in such luxurious surroundings, it never hurts to take a peek at what endless money can buy.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
Did somebody say luxury? Photo: Deerjet

The most luxurious Dreamliner in the world?

If you have a spare $74,000 lying about, you could book an hour of flying on perhaps the most luxurious Boeing 787 in the world. Designed for private charter, the 787 ‘Dream Jet’ is operated by Deerjet, part of Chinese conglomerate the HNA Group, and is one of only a handful of private jet-spec Dreamliners in the world.

The interior of this stunning aircraft is part private jet, part high-end apartment. It was created by French aircraft interior designer Jacques Pierrejean, and took him and his team more than two and a half years to design and install the cabin.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
The ‘Dream Jet’ is a 787-8 capable of flying 17 hours nonstop. Photo: Deerjet

The 787-8 can host up to 40 passengers and is capable of flying for 17 hours nonstop. Its range is around 15,800 km (9,800 miles), making it possible to fly Hong Kong to New York direct or even Sydney to Helsinki. It’s got all the usual Dreamliner mod cons, such as a smooth ride, quiet operation and low altitude pressurization. Let’s take a look around.

Designed for style and comfort

Entering the Dream Jet takes you into a world beyond luxury. Wood-paneled walls lead guests from the entryway to the main lounge area, where welcoming sofas and Lay-Z-Boy style recliners bring a definite residential touch to the space. The large windows of the Dreamliner allow natural light to fill the space, making it feel modern and stylish but not over the top.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
The lounge is elegant and not too OTT. Photo: Deerjet

To the rear of the lounge is the main dining area, where twin dining tables are decked out with immaculate china and tablecloths. Each can be expanded to seat up to six, or kept at a smaller size for working or meetings. The table-facing couches double up as additional sleeping accommodation, providing berths for up to six.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
For dining or working, there’s plenty of space. Photo: Deerjet

Moving further aft, a large guest cabin provides the rest of the accommodation onboard. Here, 18 business class seats with fully lie flat capabilities provide a more than comfortable space for the entourage, but of course, there is something much more special awaiting the VVIP onboard.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
The floor plan of the Dream Jet. Photo: Deerjet

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A master suite fit for a king

Back through the dining area, lounge and beyond the entranceway lies the Dream Jet’s master suite. Passengers privileged enough to fly in the premium position on this aircraft can make use of an expansive dressing area, located to the rear of the entranceway within the private suite.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
The bed is enormous. Photo: Deerjet

Further forward, passengers come to the main bedroom, where a king-sized bed is decked out with the most luxurious of bedding, and is complemented by a 42-inch flat-panel TV. The master washroom features a double vanity unit and a full-sized walk-in shower. The entire master suite has high levels of soundproofing applied, promising ambient noise to never exceed 46 dB, around what you’d expect in a suburban house.

Dream Jet 787 Private Jet
A double vanity and walk-in shower finish off the luxurious master suite. Photo: Deerjet

The Deerjet 787 is targeted at some of the wealthiest fliers in the world, and has been decked out to meet the demands of the most discerning high-end traveler. For most of us, we can only dream about what it would be like to take a long-haul trip on such a lavish aircraft.