Flying On A 787 Soon? Install Your Own Stained Glass Window

One cunning entrepreneur has come up with a way to pimp your aircraft during your next flight. Available in a range of sizes, the Magical Super Store is selling stained glass window inserts designed to adhere to aircraft windows.

Stained Glass Window, Boeing 787, Window Cover
Fancy a stained glass window on your next Boeing 787 flight? That’s no longer a problem (787 not shown). Photo: Magical Super Store

We’ve covered some strange stories on Simple Flying over the past couple of years. In fact, between the tutu-wearing dogs which delayed a flight, to the runaway golf cart, I thought we’d covered it all. However, despite all of the negative news stories currently circulating, the folks at Magical Super Store have found another odd story for us to report.

Aviation stained glass windows

You may be used to seeing a stained glass window at a church, or perhaps even in an old castle, but have you ever seen one at 36,000 feet? In case you haven’t yet but have a sudden desire to make your next flight more colorful, View From The Wing has spotted the solution for you!

There is an online shop now selling stained glass films that you can stick over the window next time you’re traveling. According to the store selling them, these stained glass inserts would allow you to “Enjoy a dazzling stained glass window while you read a book, nap, or pray on your flight.” What’s more, they go on to claim that they “Can be used as a protective film against germs on plane windows.”

Stained Glass Window, Boeing 787, Window Cover
The film is designed to stick on the window without leaving residue. Photo: Magical Super Store

Different sizes

The company making these stained glass inserts understand that a one size fits all approach will not work when it comes to aircraft windows. As a result, they offer a range of different aircraft window sizes, with varying prices. However, it seems like the creators are Boeing fans, as only two Airbus variants are available. The full list of sizes on offer includes:

  • Airbus A330 – $25 (Out of stock at the time of writing)
  • Airbus A350 – $30
  • Boeing 707-767 – $35
  • Boeing 777X – $45
  • Boeing 787 – $50

However, If you’re a frequent flyer who regularly switches aircraft, there’s also a package for you. For the reduced price of $100, the store is selling a three-pack including the Airbus A330 insert, the Boeing 707-767 insert, and the Boeing 787 insert. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this special pack was out of stock.

Stained Glass Window, Boeing 787, Window Cover
A variety of different window sizes are available. Photo: Getty Images

Are these window covers allowed?

With the recent news that United Airlines would ask passengers to open their window blinds for take-off and landing, we couldn’t help but wonder if such inserts would be permitted. While they would partially block the view out of the window, they could be removed as easily as opening a window blind on request.

Many trip reporters have been known to stick their cameras onto the window while reviewing flights too. However, other passengers could potentially complain about the obstructed view. We previously mulled over who really controls the window.

Bamboo Airways, Boeing 777X, Order
Window shades are even available for the Boeing 777X. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

Simple Flying reached out to America’s six biggest airlines for comment on their policy regarding attaching things to windows. At the time of writing, Delta Air Lines declined to comment. Southwest had acknowledged the request but are yet to reply. Meanwhile, JetBlue, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines are yet to acknowledge. This article will be updated as appropriate if replies are received.

Would you buy a stained glass window insert? Do you think airlines would allow them, or tell customers to take them down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!